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Tabitha Maria Clifft | Too Hot to Handle Season 2 Cast, Netflix, Instagram, Birthday, Age, Ethnicity, Height, Before Surgery

Tabitha Maria Clifft is the most recent addition to Netflix‘s reality show. She’s a model, businesswoman, and Integrated Nutritionist and Health Coach.

She makes an explosive debut in Too Hot To Handle season 2, appearing on a jet ski alongside Elle.

Tabitha immediately drew the attention of both Chase DeMoor and Marvin Anthony. Chase recently broke up with Carly Lawrence, so might there be romance on the horizon?

In any case, Tabitha stated that she is ready to “f&&& s&&& up,” implying that she will not mind stepping on anyone’s feet.

Too Hot to Handle Season 2 on Netflix

Tabitha Maria Clifft is one of the latest cast members in the Netflix reality dating game show Too Hot to Handle season 2, alongside Larissa Trownson, Robert Van Tromp, Christina Carmela, Peter Vigilante, Nathan Webb, Kayla Jean Carter, Carly Lawrence, Cam Holmes, Marvin Anthony, Chase DeMoor, Melinda Melrose, Elle Monae, and Emily Faye Miller.


Tabitha Maria Clifft currently boasts 56.9k followers on Instagram. Take a glance at her profile here!

Birthday / Age

Tabitha Maria Clifft is believed to be born in 1994, which makes her age in the region of 27.

Ethnicity / Background

While her ethnicity and background are unclear, the only thing that can be claimed with certainty is the fact that she is based in London.

Height / Weight

Tabitha stands tall at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) and weighs around 56 kg (123 lbs).

Before Surgery

Fans are curious to view her picture before surgery, but Tabitha Maria Clifft’s images prior to fame are hard to find.

Tabitha’s Instagram does show her pictures from some time back, but all of them are not much different from how she looks today.

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