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The 24-year-old model, Carly Lawrence, is a self-described man-eater from Toronto, Canada. In terms of her romantic life, she told Cosmo UK that she is still pondering about Joey.

Lawrence has profiles on OnlyFans and Fanchella, while she does modeling for local businesses. As per a Netflix press release, she used to be a professional dancer.

Too Hot to Handle Season 2 Cast

Carly Lawrence is one of the cast members on Netflix‘s Too Hot to Handle. The other cast includes Melinda Melrose, Kayla Jean Carter, Robert Van Tromp, Marvin Anthony, Christina Carmela, Larissa Trownson, Emily Faye MillerChase DemoorTabitha Maria Clifft, Peter Vigilante, Elle Monae, Nathan Webb, and Cam Holmes.

Height – How Tall is Carly Lawrence?

Carly stands at a height of 5′ 8″ (172 cm).


Carly Lawrence was born on 20th May 1997 in Toronto, Canada, which makes her age 24, as of 2021.


Carly Lawrence frequently posts on her official Instagram page, where she has 613k followers.

Model / TikTok

Lawrence is heavily active on OnlyFans and Fanchella. Moreover, she serves as a model for local businesses.

She has 65,000 TikTok followers, which is quite impressive.


As stated by a Netflix press release obtained by Elite Daily, Carly used to be a professional dancer.

Looks Like

While fans are curious to learn who she looks like, we haven’t quite gathered an obvious resemblance with any prominent figure.

Wikipedia / Bio

Lawrence does not have an official Wikipedia page yet. However, her bio is readily available on Blurred Reality.


The Toronto, Canada native, Carly Lawrence, loves to have fun, bald guys, and piercings.

Net Worth

Carly’s net worth is estimated at $200,000.


Despite the fans’ curiosity, Lawrence is not involved in any movies we know of.


Carly is yet to reveal the school she went to. However, a Reddit user claimed she went to their high school.

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