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Following the havoc that was Season 1 of Netflix‘s Too Hot to Handle, Season 2 arrives on 23rd June with new contenders and a lavish new villa, where a lot more stress is obligated to ensue.

In the eight-episode show, ten appealing, sexually experienced singles are hired from all over the world and flown to heaven for what they consider will be the trip of a lifetime.

Rather, they are unwittingly undertaking on a four-week struggle to remain completely abstinent from one another (and from themselves) in exchange for a share of the $100,000 award that lay ahead of them on the other side.

Participants are constantly monitored, and if they are caught bending the law, money is deducted from their prize.

Cam Holmes, 24, one of the prime contestants, is a model and fitness instructor from Newport, South Wales. As a self-avowed nerd and Lord of the Rings fan, he excels at Gollum impressions and carries a special fondness for elf-based role-playing. He also has concerns with women’s devotion.

Too Hot to Handle Season 2

Cam Holmes, like Chase DemoorEmily Faye Miller, Christina Carmela, Melinda Melrose, Elle Monae, Tabitha Maria Clifft, Larissa Trownson, Kayla Jean Carter, Robert Van Tromp, Carly Lawrence, Peter Vigilante, Nathan Webb, and Marvin Anthony, is a contestant in the American-British reality television dating game show Too Hot to Handle season 2 on Netflix, which premieres on 23rd June 2021.


Cam Holmes was born on 20th October 1996, which makes him 24 years of age in 2021.


When it comes to the zodiac sign, Cam is a Scorpio.


Holmes is quite active on Instagram. Check out his profile here!

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