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On September 27, 2022 By Allan Ivanov

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Last Words: How Did He Die? Who Killed Jeffrey Dahmer? Execution Details Explored!

Jeffrey Dahmer’s last words were, “I don’t care if I live or die, go ahead and kill me.” Dahmer reportedly...
On September 25, 2022 By Smith Wilson

John Wayne Gacy’s Saddest Last Words: You Won’t Believe What He Said; Cause of Death, Execution & Reddit Update!

John Wayne Gacy’s execution was held on May 10, 1994, and his last words were, “kiss my a*s.” He was...
On September 25, 2022 By Reality Writer

Abigail Cowen’s Plastic Surgery: Did the Fate The Winx Saga Star Undergo Jawline Surgery?

Viewers wonder about Abigail Cowen’s plastic surgery via the inspection of her before and after pictures. Rumor has it that...
On September 25, 2022 By Owen Weimann

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Victim Brothers: What Happened to Them? Where Are the Sinthasomphone Brothers Now?

Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims were the Sinthasomphone brothers, Keison Sinthasomphone and Konerak Sinthasomphone. The youngest victim of Jeffrey Dahmer was Konerak,...
On September 25, 2022 By Allan Ivanov

Love Is Blind: Shaina Hurley’s Plastic Surgery; Eyes, Face & Lip Filler Examined!

Rumors are circulating about Love Is Blind alum Shaina Hurley’s plastic surgery, concerning her eyes, face, and the alleged lip...
On September 24, 2022 By Smith Wilson

Rita Isbell’s Brother Death: Errol Lindsey Was One of Jeffrey Dahmer’s Victims; Was Errol Lindsey Deaf?

Rita Isbell’s brother, Errol Lindsey, is one of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims, and besides his death, many fans wonder if he’s...
On September 24, 2022 By Reality Writer

Was Jeffrey Dahmer a Satanist? Viewers Reckon Jeff Dahmer’s Crime Was an Act of Evil!

Jeffrey Dahmer never considered himself a satanist, however, many people believe he had a shade of evil. The way he...
On September 24, 2022 By Owen Weimann

Was Jeffrey Dahmer Racist? The Untold Truth of Jeff Dahmer’s Defense Lawyer’s Claims!

Many people wondered if Jeffrey Dahmer was racist as 11 of his 17 victims were African-American. However, his defense lawyer...
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