Here’s Why Luis Munana Was Excommunicated: Religion, Jehovah Witness & Big Brother Incident!

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Here's Why Luis Munana Was Excommunicated: Religion, Jehovah Witness & Big Brother Incident!

Luis Munana was previously excommunicated by his family and friends after he had s*x while he was at Big Brother Africa. For those who are unaware, his family follows a Christian religion as well as is part of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Young, Famous & African is an African reality show on Netflix that focuses on a group of well-known young media personalities from throughout the continent. The show covers their personal and professional lives, which are nothing short of adventurous and hence fascinating for us.

Season 2 of Young, Famous & African has finally arrived on the streaming platform. The reality TV program is back with the same cast and some new faces, and this time it has more stories and mysteries. Aside from these things, the show’s drawback is the sheer volume of grating sequences that gave us a headache.

Luis Munana, the new cast of the show, has recently been making headlines as he revealed that he was excommunicated from his friends and family several years ago. As a result, many viewers have been curious to know the reason behind it. Well, we’ve got you covered.

Luis Munana Was Excommunicated by His Family After He Had s*x on Big Brother Africa!

Everyone was shocked when Luis Munana (@luismunana) revealed that he wanted to have a child with Zari Hassan. Luis revealed to Andile Ncube that one of the reasons he wants a kid is that he was excommunicated by his friends and family. He explained that it came after he had s*x on Big Brother Africa. He explained,

Seven years ago… Big Brother Africa, I was 21, I had s*x in the house. I come from an extremely religious background… Upon coming out [of the Big Brother house], I got excommunicated from the congregation.

Luis Munana was excommunicated after he had s*x on Big Brother Africa. blurred-reality.comLuis Munana was excommunicated after he had s*x on Big Brother Africa.
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He also added,

So, basically what that means is I cannot have any contact with anybody that is part of the congregation, including my family and friends that I grew up with.

For those who are unaware, Luis Munana grew up in a strict family who followed Christianity religion. In fact, they were part of Jehovah’s Witnesses. He also added that he wanted to have a baby with Zari since he has been excommunicated by his loved ones and has so much love to offer. He said,

These are some of the things that I deal with. So, when I bring up that I want a child right now thing…I have so much of love to give.

More About Luis Munana!

Luis Munana is a 30-year-old Namibian fitness enthusiast who has been featured in Forbes Under 30. He is a designer and international model. He has participated in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week runway shows in London, Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Nigeria.

Luis Munana is an international model. blurred-reality.comLuis Munana is an international model.
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While he has been featured on several shows, he holds a BTech degree in finance and admires Kanye West‘s music. He claims that anything made with potatoes is his go-to dinner because he enjoys eating them.

The international model claims that his favorite site in Namibia is the river beds in his hometown of Rundu, where the huge Okavango Delta pours into the ocean. He appears to be a fashion influencer on social media, as evidenced by the regular updates he makes about his personal style.

Additionally, he posted a piece that discussed energy efficiency in Namibia, which reveals a lot about his concern for the environment. The Golden Boy is the object of our entire attention. The model is absolutely stunning, and we can only agree with the actor who says in the trailer, “I look good all the time.”

Young, Famous & African is now streaming on Netflix.