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Single's Inferno Couples Now: Who are Still Together?

Jan 11, 2022 @ 4:27 EST
Single's Inferno Couples Now: Who are Still Together?

With the finale of Single's Inferno, people are curious about the update on the couples and want to know if those couples are still together now. Do you know if the Singles Inferno contestants are dating in real life and where are they now?

Having exactly ten episodes, Netflix's compelling Korean reality show, Single's Inferno made it to getting myriads of viewers.

With releasing the first episode on 18th December 2021, and eventually, publicizing the last episode on 8th January 2022, the show acted as a positive catalyst in ending 2021 beautifully and at the same time, it was a good start to 2022.

Single's Inferno was a show about finding love and leaving the deserted island catching their loved one's hand, and therefore,  there were many contestants who left the show being a bubbly couple.

Now that the show has ended, people are curious if these casts are still together even after the show's end. Do you know the updates on these Single's Inferno couples? Where are they now?

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Single's Inferno Couples: Are They Still Together? Where are They Now?

With nine casts, Single's Inferno was teeming with an abundance of curiosity and exhilaration. Not only did the show depict love and relationship, but it was also filled with tantrums and dramas.

The universe just didn't create random bondings among the pairs but with strong willpower, these couples in Single's Inferno confronted tremendous downs and lows; with intense care and love towards each other, these pairs left the show.

Conversely, with the end of the Korean reality show, a rumor has been revolving around if they are still together. Hence, let's get to know about it.

Kim Hyeon-Joong and Song Ji-A

Song Ji-A was literally the magnet in the Korean reality show, Single's Inferno, and it seemed that all other casts were iron nails who couldn't resist getting pulled by her. But did that matter? No, the main concern is who actually succeeded in attracting her.

With a wholesome personality and exceptional appearance, Kim Hyeon-Joong not only did he win Song Ji's heart but he also was the main character. Being the flower himself, Song Ji- was the pretty butterfly hovering around him.

These people were shipped by other Single's Inferno's cast as well as the spectators as who would not want to see an adorable couple in the show?

It is discernible that in the last episode of Single's Inferno, Kim, as well as Song, made their final decision in leaving the show having each other by their sides. But what about the present?

Fortunately, stalking their Instagram account, it can be deduced that Kim and Song's ship has still been sailing and it appears that they are quite happy with each other.

Oh Jin-Taek and Kang So-Yeon

Facing several downs, Oh Jin-Taek and Kang So-Yeon had extremely daunting moments in their relationships and love life. But how could the futile problems underestimate the intense love they had towards each other?

Their love won over all the problems and useless arguments, and hence, Oh Jin Taek and Kang So-Yeon made it to leaving Single's Inferno catching each other's hands.

Their love wasn't just confined to the show, rather even after Single's Inferno, they post photos and videos with each other on their Instagram account.

Shin Ji-Yeon and Moon Se-Hoon

Spending quality time with each other, Shin Ji-Yeon and Moon Se-Hoon definitely showcased their love life in Single's Inferno.

Not only did they create memories in the show but they also decided to leave Single's Inferno as a pair. However, after the end of the show, they haven't posted a single photo or even a story dedicated to each other.

Hence, it is daunting to assume about their relationship and is unclear if Shin Ji-Yeon and Moon Se-Hoon are still together after the end of Single's Inferno.

Kim Jun-Sik and An Yea-Won

While Kim Jun-Sik and An Yea-Won ended Single's Inferno disclosing their love life, for now, not much is known about them. To be specific, they have neither revealed their togetherness nor their partition.

Therefore, no such evidence substantiate these matter, and for now, it isn't safe to draw conclusions about their love life.

Before you leave, meet Kim Su-Min, Seong Min-Ji, Choi Si-Hun, and Cha Hyun-Seung.

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