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Cha Hyunseung from Single's Inferno: Age, Birthday, Instagram & More!

Dec 27, 2021 @ 10:14 EST
Cha Hyunseung from Single's Inferno: Age, Birthday, Instagram & More!

Cha Hyunseung, a cast on Netflix's Single's Inferno celebrates his birthday on 2nd May, and his age is currently 30. The tall dancer boasts an impressive height and owns an Instagram account. Cha from Singles Inferno makes a hefty net worth and is rumored to be engaged with Amber. Do you know about his girlfriend or wife?

Netflix's new Korean reality show, Single's Inferno was released on 18th December 2021. Typically, this reality show is a platform for single people to develop hope and search for their ideal partners whilst staying on a deserted island.

Confirmed by the officials, the reality show will have eight episodes and will be hosted by four hosts throughout the season. Presently, there are exactly nine cast members who are in search of their loved ones.

However, a rumor has been surrounding everyone regarding the new cast member. As a wild card entry, the audience is so sure and confirmed on seeing a new face in the 5th episode of the show, conversely, the official announcement from the production hasn't been received so far.

According to the spreading rumors, it is believed that the Korean man, Cha Hyunseung will be the 10th participant in the show. Do you think the rumor is true, and we'll get to see Cha Hyunseung in Single's Inferno?

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Cha Hyunseung: Single's Inferno, New Cast?

Celebrating his birthday each year on 2nd May, Cha Hyunseung is a Taurus. Talking about his age, he is presently 30 years old. Standing above 6 feet, Cha's height matches the ideal type and has enhanced his physical appearance.

Professionally, Cha Hyunseung is a model and dancer. The year 2018 acted as a positive catalyst and brought a different life to him; that particular year, Cha got the opportunity to dance alongside Sunmi, and thus, up-trained his exposure.

It has been estimated that the Korean dancer, Cha makes a hefty net worth of $1.5 million.

The South-Korean man is claimed to make his appearance in the fifth episode of the Korean reality show, Single's Inferno. There is no evidence that elucidates on how the news of Cha Hyunseung participating in Singles Inferno began, but the news isn't confined rather it has been covering all the social media platforms.

Moreover, people are literally crazy, and couldn't resist spamming comments on his Instagram post about his presence in the upcoming episode of Single's Inferno.

Although no official news has been made so far, how come the fans are confirmed on getting to see him in the 5th episode of Single's Inferno? When the scene or let's say the trailer of episode 5 was publicized, the spectators got to see a tattooed left shoulder.

As Cha Hyunseung is an eminent dancer and has myriads of fans, his tattoo is noticeable and people probably gave attention to it. Therefore, that tattoo played a vital role in predicting Cha Hyunseung's appearance in Single's Inferno.

Meanwhile, the entire cast includes Kim Hyeon-JoongMoon Se-HoonShin Ji-YeonKim Jun-SikKang So-YeonChoi Si-HunAn Yea-WonSong Ji-a, and Oh Jin-Taek. The new addition is Seong Min-Ji and Kim Su-Min.

Is Cha Hyunseung Engaged?

It isn't even a question as, if  Cha was committed to his girlfriend, and was engaged already, he wouldn't be making his presence to the reality dating show, Single's Inferno. He is currently single and doesn't have a love life.

Subsequently, if we were to talk about his past wife or ex-girlfriend, Cha obviously had a previous relationship. A plethora of people shipped Cha Hyunseung with the eminent singer, Sunmi, however, the ship couldn't sail, and they weren't a thing in reality.

Moreover, stalking his Instagram profile is futile when it comes to finding his past love life, as there are no such posts that are related to his ex-girlfriend.

Furthermore, Cha had been a backup dance partner of Amber, and seeing them together, rumors spread on Amber and Cha getting engaged. However, it was probably just a rumor as neither Cha nor Amber confirmed their relationship.

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