Shayne Jansen from Love is Blind: Find the Chicago Real Estate Broker on Instagram!

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Shayne Jansen from Love is Blind: Find the Chicago Real Estate Broker on Instagram!

Shayne Jansen from Love is Blind Season 2 has been gaining popularity on Instagram, and presently a scandal of Shayne leaving his partner, Natalie has been hovering all over social media. Some Netflix viewers want to learn more about Shayne and Shaina while other Reddit users are curious about Shane’s laugh, drugs (coke), autism, gaslighting, and look alike. Currently, 32 years of age (celebrating his birthday on 10th May), Shayne Jansen (last name) from Love is Blind Season 2 is a real estate broker at RNP Group Real Estate in Chicago, Illinois.

Love Is Blind Season 2 is one of the ongoing American reality dating shows on Netflix that has a total of seven episodes but for now only five episodes have been released.

Typically, it is a show about love where all the cast members talk to each other in the pods and adding a twist to the show, the participants aren’t allowed to see each other during the first ten days of the talking stage.

With the purpose of meeting the love of their lives, the participants are too exhilarated to appear on the show, and on the other hand, the audience is waiting for 18th February to get to watch the last two episodes of the show.

Among several cast members in Love is Blind Season 2, Shayne Jansen is one of the prominent participants of the show. Let’s get to know more about Shayne covering information on his Instagram and relationship. You may want to check out his meme subject and drugs controversy and autism rumors.

Meanwhile, the entire Love is Blind Season 2 cast includes Abhishek ‘Shake’, Aja, Brandon, Brian, Caitlin, Chassidy, Danielle, Deepti, Haseeb, Hope, Iyanna, James ‘Joey’, Jarrette, Jason, Jeremy, Juhie, Julius, Kara, Kyle, MalloryNatalie, Nick, Olivia, Rocky, Salvador, Shaina, Shayne, Shea’na, Trisha, and Vito.

In addition, we looked at the relationship status of Shaina and ShayneMallory and SalNick and DanielleShaina and KyleDeepti and Shake, and Shayne and Natalie.

Shayne Jansen from Love Is Blind Season 2: Meet Him on Instagram!

Netflix’s eminent show, Love is Blind Season 2 has definitely become one of the hits and has allured myriads of binge-watchers. Attracting a plethora of spectators, the production team is profiting a lot, and almost all the contestants from the show are rising to immense prominence.

The 32-year-old Shayne Jansen is a real estate broker at RNP Group Real Estate in Chicago, Illinois. Graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in 2012, Shayne has a degree in Business Administration and Marketing.

Apart from working as a real estate agent, Jansen also works as a certified personal trainer and holds a degree in sports from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Before dedicating his life to real estate, Shayne Jansen was full-time working as a fitness consultant.

Having a successful professional field, Shayne’s net worth is estimated to be around $50,000. While his life is teeming with wealth and enjoyment, the only void he was yet to fill was the vacant seat of love in his heart.

Thus, Shayne Jansen made his way into casting on the reality dating show, Love is Blind Season 2. With his presence in the show, he succeeded in burgeoning the number of his Instagram followers.

Not only did Love is Blind bring him Instagram fans but Shayne Jansen also met the love of his life, Natalie in the show. Starting their relationship with talking to each other in the pods to engaging and spending quality time in Mexico, their relationship in the show is going great.

However, talking about the reality, it is daunting to assume about their resent relationship as neither of them have posted photos that elucidate or provide clear answers to their love life but both Shayne and Natalie (@natalieminalee) still follow each other on Instagram and seem to be on good terms.

Will Shayne Leave Natalie for Shaina?

Although Shayne Jansen is paired up with Natalie and chose her over Shaina, a scandal has been rumoring around him leaving Natalie for Shaina. The whole story revolves back to the first episode when for the first time, Natalie and Shayne talked in the pods.

At that instant, he mistook Natalie for Shaina, and thus, that brought awkwardness to their talk, and moreover, he somewhat had a thing going on with Shaina too. Shaina did confess that she had a crush on Shayne Jansen but on the other hand, Shayne never divulged his inner feelings towards her, and it’s still a mystery.

For now, it isn’t safe to conclude on their relationship as we are yet to watch the last episodes, and there’s a high possibility of Shayne Jansen leaving the show along with Natalie. So, whom do you think will Shayne leave the show with?

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