Love is Blind Season 2: Are Shayne and Natalie Still Together?

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Love is Blind Season 2: Are Shayne and Natalie Still Together?

Netflix viewers wonder if Shayne and Natalie from Love is Blind Season 2 are still together. Find Natalie and Shayne on Instagram. Reddit users wonder about Shayne Jansen’s birthday, look alike, voice, autism, where is he from, and zodiac. As for Natalie Lee, the queries surround her birthday, Instagram, LinkedIn, job, consultant firm, and ethnicity. Meanwhile, discover on Instagram if Shayne and Natalie are still together after Love is Blind Season 2 on Netflix.

Love Is Blind premiered its second season on Netflix on 11th February 2022 releasing five episodes and releasing the other two episodes on 18th February. Basically, this show is about finding love but for that, the cast members will need to have a high patience level as the show follows a set of rules.

To be specific, they aren’t allowed to see each other, and just through talking to each other in the pods, they get to know each other and only then are allowed to meet.

There are many cast members featuring on Love is Blind Season 2 and among all the couples, Shayne and Natalie ended up catching each other’s heed and thus, formed a bond through the show.

So, do you want to know how Shayne and Natalie’s love life began? Also, since the shoot of Love is Blind Season 2 has ended, are Shayne and Natalie still together?

Meanwhile, the entire Love is Blind Season 2 cast includes Abhishek ‘Shake’, Aja, Brandon, Brian, Caitlin, Chassidy, Danielle, Deepti, Haseeb, Hope, Iyanna, James ‘Joey’, Jarrette, Jason, Jeremy, Juhie, Julius, Kara, Kyle, Mallory, Natalie, Nick, Olivia, Rocky, Salvador, Shaina, Shayne, Shea’na, Trisha, and Vito.

In addition, we looked at the relationship status of Shaina and Shayne, Mallory and Sal, Nick and Danielle, Deepti and Shake and Shaina and Kyle.

Shayne and Natalie’s Journey on Love Is Blind Season 2

Netflix’s pre-eminent show, Love Is Blind Season 2 has been premiering recently and has been the hot topic for myriads of people.

Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee are two popular contestants of the show. While Shayne is a 32-year-old real estate agent, 29-year-old Natalie is a consulting manager.

Their first talk didn’t seem like they would go any further as Shayne boiled Natalie’s nerves. Specifically, while talking to each other in the pods, Shayne mistook Natalie for Shaina and called her with the wrong name.

This somehow up-trained her rage,  however, the ongoing talk somehow compelled her in fixing things.

When talking to each other in the pods, Shayne and Natalie’s conversation was more about emotions and it’s quite sentimental. However, that hints towards Natalie’s comfort in opening up to Shayne.

Moreover, upon getting to know Natalie’s top priority as Shayne, Shayne couldn’t curb his happiness as he felt his ego boosted for being the center of attention during the dating stage.

Adding drama to Love is Blind Season 2, and making a love triangle to their relationship, the hairstylist, Shaina’s appearance in the show acted as a negative catalyst to both Shayne and Natalie.

However, Shayne knew his instincts were correct, and going with what his heart wanted, he chose Natalie over her, and thus, their beautiful beginning of love started.

Love Is Blind: Are Shayne and Natalie Still Together?

In one of the interviews, Shayne said, “I came here to find a wife. I cannot wait to make it official with her,” hinting how much he feels for Natalie.

The same goes for Natalie, and she too divulged her feeling towards him, and stated, “Meeting Shayne today, it absolutely was the best day of my life. I can’t wait to see him again and spend the next chapter of our lives together. A 1,000 chapters of our lives together. Now we have to figure out how we work as a couple in the real world, where there are distractions.”

Upon hearing their words towards each other, Shayne and Natalie seems to enjoy every second, every minute spent with each other.

To that point, conclusions can be drawn on them being still together, conversely, surprising everyone, it is saddening to say that Shayne and Natalie seem to have parted their ways as they no longer follow each other on Instagram.

Maybe their story was too short in the book but seems like both Shayne and Natalie will have probably love to turn to that chapter in the future.

Love is Blind Season 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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