Is Shayne from Love is Blind on Drugs? Autism & Season 2 Reddit Update!

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Is Shayne from Love is Blind on Drugs? Autism & Season 2 Reddit Update!

Shayne Jansen from Love is Blind Season 2 is surrounded by a rumor of him getting high on drugs. Is Shane involved in a coke scandal? Grab details of the drug controversy. Some fans wonder if Shayne is autistic while others seem keen on what is wrong with his eyes. Find out if the Reddit users think Shane from Love is Blind has autism.

Shayne Jansen is one of the cast members of Netflix‘s reality dating show, Love is Blind Season 2. With his participation in the American reality dating show, Shayne rose to immense prominence, and today, his Instagram account is growing dramatically. Basically, he joined Love is Blind to find his love but ended up forming a love triangle instead.

He joined Love is Blind filled with exhilaration but upon getting to know that he isn’t seeing anyone for ten long days, and can only communicate with other cast members in the pods, it might have been astounding.

Although Shayne’s journey in Love is Blind Season 2 added a lot to his career, recently, he has been surrounded by negative exposure. A scandal has been hovering around on Shayne being high on drugs. So, is Shayne Jansen (subject of meme content) from Love is Blind involved in drugs?

Shayne Jansen’s Involvement in Drugs: Love is Blind Season 2 Update!

Shayne Jansen is one of the popular cast members of the eminent American reality dating show, Love is Blind Season 2.

Typically, this reality dating show is quite different from others as rather than meeting the cast member physically and then falling in love, the participants are expected to catch feelings via talking in the pods.

This talking stage lasts for ten days, and then they decide whom they want to get engaged with and go to Mexico for their retreat.

Shayne Jansen (@shaynejansen), the personal certified trainer, graduated from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2013. Since the very same year of his graduation, he worked as a sales/fitness consultant/personal trainer at FitPro West in Chicago.

Presently, according to his LinkedIn profile, Shayne works as a Chicago Real Estate agent and since November 2018, he has been working as a real estate broker associate for the RNP Group. Earlier, he worked in Sonitrol Great Lakes as an account executive for seven months.

With the purpose of finding his love, Shayne ended up joining the reality dating show where he got engaged too. Conversely, a rumor on him getting on drugs has been ubiquitous from Twitter to Reddit.

However, there is no such evidence to support that Shayne was on drugs, and there’s a high possibility that people might have randomly accused of him taking drugs to put his reputation down.

If Shayne was involved in drugs, then definitely, the cops wouldn’t leave him, and many cases would have been filed against him.

Since there’s no such evidence that makes Shayne guilty, people should confine their blames and should allow the proper investigation to be held.

Besides the drugs/coke scandal and controversy, some fans wonder if “Shane” from Love is Blind has autism. We can confirm the Netflix alum is definitely not autistic, and there is nothing wrong with Shayne’s eyes.

Did Shayne Ditch Natalie Over Shaina?

Shayne, Natalie, and Shaina had a love triangle. The triangle began from the first episode of Love is Blind, when Natalie and Shayne were talking in the pods, and Shayne mistook her for Shaina. This somehow hinted that Shayne had a thing going on with another cast member, Shaina.

While he was talking to Natalie, she definitely felt bad and burst into rage, however, the comforting nature of Shayne added her anger.

Natalie (@natalieminalee) was falling for Shayne, and, Shaina couldn’t stop blushing, thinking about Shayne. On the other hand, Shayne couldn’t decide which girl to go with. When they were in the talking stage, Shayne was trying his best in figuring out his ideal partner but failed.

However, when he met them physically, he decided to go with Natalie, claiming that he has deeper feelings for her than what he had towards Shaina.

In Love is Blind, Shayne and Natalie got engaged, and they even went to Mexico for their retreat, spending quality time and making many memories with each other. Unfortunately, after the show, Shayne and Natalie parted ways but seems like they are still on good terms.

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