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Selling Sunset: Karan Hoss Owns Pistachio Farm in Fresno

Nov 27, 2021 @ 7:59 EST
Selling Sunset: Karan Hoss Owns Pistachio Farm in Fresno

Karan Hoss from Selling Sunset owns a pistachio farm in Fresno, California. Karan is a potential buyer of Doheny Estates in Season 4 of this Netflix show.

Selling Sunset Season 4 is finally here on Netflix, and viewers have been mesmerized by many old and new faces in this engrossing reality series.

It's not just cast members who have caught the attention of fans, some of them are interested to learn more about the people who made cameo appearances in the show. One of them happens to be a guy named Karan Hoss with an unbelievable net worth of over $50 million!

Karan Hoss from Selling Sunset Owns Pistachio Farms in Fresno

Karan Hoss is a "potential buyer" on Selling Sunset on Netflix. Heather Rae Young shows him Doheny Estates right above Sunset Plaza, which is undoubtedly an incredible location close to the city.

The property is listed at $14 million; five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, 8,200 square feet with a lot size of 18,000.

Heather shows Karan the amazing view from the house, initially the pool, which wraps around almost the entire house like a moat.

The prospective buyer on Season 4, unsurprisingly, loves the property. He then reveals he doesn't have kids, but he has parties. So, he's essentially looking for an entertainment house, but something much more peaceful.

When it comes to his profession, Karan Hoss owns pistachio farms in Fresno and has beauty supplies out of town. So, he basically works from home.

Moving on, Heather shares the epic view of the bedroom, where Karan could wake up to every single day. She then opens the shades. Karan responds, "Nice place to wake up."

Karan from Selling Sunset Loves Doheny Estates But He's Unsure About the Price

One of the best aspects of the house is the water feature. Karan Hoss says he loves water, before stating, "Never walked on it before."

The realtor asks, "Have you ever had a house with water?" Karan says he hasn't, but this is really cool.

Next up it's the gorgeous theatre, and it's fair to say, the entire Doheny Estates couldn't look more breathtaking.

The real estate agent wonders if there's something Karan doesn't love or if there's something he's super excited about. Hoss says, "I definitely like the house. It checks a lot of boxes."

However, the price of $14 million is a little bit more than he's willing to spend. "But maybe you can talk to the seller, figure out how much room he's got," Karan remarks.

Heather responds, "Absolutely, but write sooner than later because we have more showings. There's not a lot of inventory, so we need to move fast."

Selling Sunset Season 4 is currently streaming on Netflix.

FYI, you can find Karan Hoss on Instagram: @karanhoss.

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