Ontreon Shannon from My 600-lb Life: Instagram, Texas, Now, Death!

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Ontreon Shannon from My 600-lb Life: Instagram, Texas, Now, Death!

Ontreon Shannon from My 600-lb Life rose to prominence after his presence in the TLC show. Now that My 600 Lb Life has come to an end, fans are curious to find out if Ontreon Shannon from Plano, Texas underwent weight loss or is he still the same now. Many viewers seek his Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn while others speculate about Ontreon Shannon’s death.

Rising to prominence from his appearance from the TLC series, My 600-lb Life, Ontreon Shannon is one of the people featuring on the show.

During his presence in the show, Ontreon was above 700 pounds and having extreme difficulty in performing even the basic daily chores, he made his entry to My 600-lb Life.

Under the scrutiny and supervision of the Doctor. Now, there was still hope for Ontreon Shannon to lose pounds, and begin his normal life, but for that, he had to adhere to the doctor’s strict plan, the plan including his diet intake, exercise, and every small thing that could shed his pounds.

So, now that the show had ended, did Ontreon Shannon actually follow the doctor’s plan and lost his pounds?

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Who is Ontreon Shannon from My 600-lb Life?

Growing up in a single household, not because he lost his dad or his parents divorced, but because Ontreon Shannon’s dad was not even slightly interested in taking care of his child, and more than looking after them, he acted as if he didn’t own a child.

To that point, Shanno was compelled to live with his single mother, and since his mother was the income generator of his family, she didn’t have time to spend with her child.

Therefore, Ontreon had no one by his side, and staying all alone at his home, he spent quality time with devices, and to feel inner peace, Shannon’s happiness was directly proportional to his intake of food.

With the growing age, Ontreon Shannon’s food cravings led him to develop an eating disorder, and the unhealthy relationship with food brought huge complications to his life.

Finding solace with food, and the growing urge to consume more, added a lot of pounds to his body. Apart from looking obese, his weight gain adversely affected his health and brought numerous diseases towards him.

Moreover, this wasn’t the end to it rather Ontreon Shannon cannot even stand for more than five minutes, and have complications whilst performing the basic activities, whether it be bathing or clothing himself.

Conversely, Shannon was tired of following the unhealthy lifestyle and getting obese, therefore, he decided to switch up his usual schedule, and made his way into My 600-lb Life, with the purpose of following up with the doctor’s strict diet.

However, his words were limited to just being words, and rather than implementing what he actually planned, Ontreon instead gained 2 pounds of weight and brought disappointment to the doctor’s face.

Even after the second and third visit to the doctor, almost no changes were seen, and it appeared that Ontreon wasn’t adhering to the strict food diet, rather was eating whatever he wished for. Hence, that brought more complications to his life, and today, he is struggling a lot.

Apart from weight gain, Ontreon Shannon was mentally disturbed too, and thus, decided to follow up with a therapist. However, during his stay in my 600-lb life, he didn’t bring even the slightest change in his weight, and it may seem easy for people to judge him, however, only he knows how hard it must have been for him to cope with the calorie-deficient diet.

Is Ontreon Shannon Married?

Yes, Ontreon Shannon is a married man, and his wife, Musa has been his strongest pillar, and through every thick and thin, she hasn’t left Shannon’s side.

While Shannon’s weight gain has not only affected his life but also brought complications to his personal relationship with his wife, these people are too strong and have never let Ontreon Shannon’s weight gain create problems in their love life.

From helping him with putting on clothes, to going with him to every appointment, and being the best caretaker, Musa has always given her best to her husband.

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