Bianca Hayes from My 600-lb Life Update: Where is She Now?

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Bianca Hayes from My 600-lb Life Update: Where is She Now?

Where is Bianca Hayes from My 600 Lb Life now? She underwent weight loss surgery. Check out the latest update of Bianca from My 600 Pound Life via Dr. Now. Meet her on Instagram.

Since the premiere of My 600-lb Life in 2012, fans have witnessed dozens of extremely obese dreamers (like Ontreon Shannon, Julian Valentine, Milla Clark, Margaret Johnson, James Bedard, Dolly Martinez, Larry Myers, Janine Mueller, Lisa Ebberson, Lucas Higdon, Ryan Barkdoll, and Mike Meginness) commence on their weight loss adventures.

They carry hopes of obtaining medical assistance from Dr. Younan Nowzaradan aka Dr. Now. Bianca Hayes was among those seeking support.

While many of the individuals featured on the reality series attempted to lose weight by themselves over the years, the reality program’s impact and the efficacy of Dr. Now’s rigorous guidance tend to be the perfect key motivators for them to obtain the outcomes they want.

Viewers of the show were presented to Bianca Hayes as somebody who was hopeful that the doctor would authorize her second weight loss surgery.

Per the episode, the first instance she underwent a gastric bypass, she effectively shed a significant amount of weight. However, she later met and exchanged vows with a man.

She gained a lot of weight again when she got pregnant. On My 600-lb Life, she argued why she wanted to drop the weight surgically again.

Bianca Hayes from My 600 Lb Life Underwent Weight Loss Surgery

The TLC star revealed that one of the factors as to why she labored so much with her weight was due to childhood abuse. She claimed that her mother battled with alcoholism and that she would frequently feed Bianca Hayes to keep her company while she got drunk.

When her mother tied the knot with her stepfather, things improved for her. However, she quickly faced enormous grief as her mother, stepfather, and biological father all perished within a few years of each other.

She said on the program that due to her weight, her husband Romonte did the bulk of the task and catered for their family. She helped by volunteering at a contact center, but she also desired to get healthy so she could be more available for her family.

Per My 600 Lb Life, she reached as high as 604 pounds when she went to visit Dr. Now. The doc did offer the green light to Bianca Hayes for the surgery after some difficulty, and he performed a gastric sleeve. She had shed a total of 140 pounds by the conclusion of the episode.

Bianca Hayes from My 600 Pound Life Now: What’s Her Latest Update?

Bianca Hayes‘ life has been filled with both joy and sadness since she underwent the second operation. She’s taken to Facebook to inform that her weight loss is still ongoing.

Her dating life, in contrast, has not been as successful. Their marriage was having problems. While there’s no official announcement yet regarding a breakup, it seems they’re no longer together.

The My 600 Pound Life alum made several social media updates in recent months regarding lone parents. She’s also mentioned being lonely in a romantic sense.

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