Lucas Higdon from My 600 lb Life: Weight Loss Surgery Update in 2022!

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Lucas Higdon from My 600 lb Life: Weight Loss Surgery Update in 2022!

Lucas Higdon from My 600 lb Life featured on the ninth episode of the TLC show. He comes from Conroe, Texas. Fans wonder about Lucas from My 600 lb Life, in particular, his latest update today in 2022 as well as 2021, plus his Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles. What is Lucas Higdon from 600 Pound Life doing now? Facts about his weight loss surgery.

Following the lives of eight obese people, TLC‘s long-run American reality television series, My 600 lb Life has been premiering since 2012, and it’s been only a few months that the latest season, season 10 came to an end.

The series not only depicted the weight loss journey of those people but also highlighted their heart-wrenching stories.

Basically, in My 600 lb Life, these people seek medical help from an eminent doctor, Dr. Now, who plans and makes out routines for those people. While his only job is to provide diet routines, it is solely the responsibility of those eight people to strictly adhere to it, for their own benefits.

Among all other people, Lucas Higdon is one of the people featured on Season 10 of My 600 lb Life. So, let’s get to more about Higdon.

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Lucas Higdon from My 600 lb Life: His Journey in Brief!

Appearing on the ninth episode of My 600 lb Life, Lucas Higdon found his way to the American reality television series, My 600 lb Life. Almost everyone’s tears rolled through their cheeks upon hearing him out saying how bad he feels about his physical appearance.

While he could get up and walk around, it resulted in fatigue, therefore, Higdon depended on his loved ones even for the simplest of things.

Although Lucas Higdon was totally dependent on other people for his daily activities, he somehow managed to make money either by babysitting or schooling his niece and nephew.

Feeling futile of himself, eventually, Lucas came to a realization to change his unhealthy food habits, and try his best in getting a normal healthy lifestyle.

Making the best possible use of My 600 lb Life, Lucas Higdon then decided to seek help from Dr. Now. As we know, obese people are kept under his proper guidance and scrutiny in the show, so he had a good feeling that it will treat him the best.

While myriads of people may throw judgemental comments on how he appears or how much he consumes, people have no clue how he ended up getting the eating disorder, putting pounds of weight.

Devoid of love and attention from his family, Lucas Higdon confronted several lowest moments in his early childhood years, consequently, leading him to seek comfort, and making his way in finding solace led him to develop an unhealthy relationship with food.

Just at the age of 10, he weighed above 160 lbs, making him look big and alluring various health complications. However, his high school life acted as a positive catalyst, and Lucas’ weight was under-controlled when his football coach started training him but after his high school days, he couldn’t adhere to healthy diet plans and workouts, therefore, his binge-eating habits got back to his life.

Weight may seem like a simple thing but it is saddening to know that Lucas Higdon’s weight gain acted as a negative catalyst to his life, from being compelled to drop out from his studies to losing his job as a pizza delivery boy, he confronted myriads of obstacles.

Therefore, with the urge of bringing all his difficulties to an end, Lucas made his way to meeting Dr. Now from My 600 lb Life. His willpower outweighed his food cravings, and just within 3 months, he ended up losing 80 lbs.

Did Lucas Higdon Get Permission for Weight Loss Surgery?

Astounding the doctor and himself, Lucas Higdon‘s extreme struggle and dedication in his weight loss journey eventually paid him back, and thus he succeeded in losing around 80 lbs.

Upon losing these many pounds, Lucas was finally on his feet and could perform daily activities by himself.

Looking at his progress, Dr. Now approved of his bypass gastritis surgery, and seems like he is yet to get the surgery. However, in order to get the surgery, Lucas Higdon will have to move to Houston, Texas.

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