Tiffany Ivanovsky’s Life at LuLaRoe Quickly Transformed from Bliss to Chaos

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Tiffany Ivanovsky's Life at LuLaRoe Quickly Transformed from Bliss to Chaos

Tiffany Ivanovsky got fired from LuLaRoe in 2018 despite her husband Paul Ivanovsky’s efforts. Tiffany revealed complaints about missing tags and lots of other stuff.

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Over the course of the last ten years, LulaRoe, an apparel company that began by hiring females to sell themed leggings, has become a multi-level advertising disaster large enough to be the focus of a documentary series on Amazon Prime Video titled LuLaRich.

In this section today, let’s have a look at Tiffany Ivanovsky, a former retailer (like Courtney Harwood, Jill Drehmer, Lauren Covey Carson, LaShae Kimbrough, and Ashleigh Lautaha) at LuLaRoe, who got fired in August 2018.

Born on 23rd May 1975, Tiffany was previously a reality TV personality on the TLC series Extreme Couponing. She served as a LuLaRoe Consultant at Emma Lou’s Boutique before her dismissal.

Tiffany Ivanovsky Served as a Retailer at LuLaRoe for a Little Over Two Years

Tiffany Ivanovsky‘s journey with LuLaRoe began when the firm hired her in May 2016. During her tenure at the organization, she claims to have risen fast through the ranks and achieved great success. Despite only selling the products for two months, Ivanovsky sold the most apparel in LuLaRoe history.

Following her stellar performance in the second month, Tiffany Ivanovsky stated she would remain in the company’s top ten sales performers for the following ten months.

Tiffany Ivanovsky says that because of her sales success, she had roughly 1,000 retailers working under her. The company then promoted her to the position of coach.

As Ivanovsky and her husband, Paul Ivanovsky, traveled the States mentoring new retailers, she spent about $20,000 on flights and expenditures. Despite the pledge to pay for the charges by LuLaRoe, Tiffany says the business has never compensated her.

Ivanovsky claims that things began to radically alter within the organization in September 2017 when LuLaRoe created a 100% buy-back scheme.

Tiffany began receiving complaints from retailers about things arriving at their houses with tags missing, punch marks on tickets, and clothing damage caused by other sellers. When her stores couldn’t rely on LuLaRoe for inventory, she said they resorted to one another.

By mid-fall 2017, Tiffany Ivanovsky said that many of her sellers were buying or exchanging clothing with one another rather than going directly to the firm. She claims that the quality of her items deteriorated during this period and that hundreds of her retailers quit the company.

When LuLaroe modified the bonus structure, the corporation only gave them bonuses depending on what they sold to clients. Unfortunately, the market was so oversaturated that neither she nor her retailers were able to move any of the goods.

Tiffany Ivanovsky was Fired from LuLaRoe Despite Her Husband Paul Ivanovsky Convincing the Firm Not to Terminate Her

Tiffany Ivanovsky stated that before the company changed the bonus structure, she and her husband Paul Ivanovsky, with whom she shares seven children, received large monthly bonus cheques. Prior to July 2017, her monthly earnings ranged between $30,000 and $40,000.

Her team, however, shrank dramatically when retailer bonuses and sales dried up. Aside from retailers departing, Ivanovsky claims the corporation began dismissing retailers from her downline in order to develop new teams.

In the midst of the chaos of having a considerably lower income and dealing with retailers, Tiffany Ivanovsky claimed she attended a convention in July 2018. Ivanovsky was taken aback by a remark made by co-founder DeAnne Stidham to a group of retailers at the occasion.

DeAnne lamented to the retailers during her speech about not being able to create the home of her dreams. She stated that she needed the funds to pay for LLR’s new denim line.

Only a month after the conference, Tiffany Ivanovsky claimed that Mark Stidham, husband to DeAnne Stidham, the co-founder of LuLaRoe, phoned her out of nowhere and fired her.

Mark, she claims, accused her of using the company to launch her own multi-level marketing company, and luring retailers away from the convention.

Ivanovsky stated that her husband Paul told Mark that she was merely attempting to keep the retailers calm after multiple concerns were raised at the conference. Paul persuaded Mark to restore Tiffany as a retailer. Ivanovsky claims that neither she nor her husband had formed a multi-level marketing firm.

However, Mark withdrew her from the system without justification within a week of her restoration. Following her dismissal, Tiffany Ivanovsky began to notice a number of problems within the organization.

She said that the Stidhams had no financial monitoring and that the company was primarily run by relatives. Furthermore, Ivanovsky claims retailers produced records proving inventory purchases were done at the Stidhams’ own residence rather than the LuLaRoe offices.

Tiffany Ivanovsky stated that she has never been compensated for her time spent working as a coach.

LuLaRich revolving around the story of this controversial firm premiered on Amazon Prime on 10th September 2021.

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