LaShae Kimbrough Now: Where is LuLaRoe Retailer Today?

Bikram Karki

LaShae Kimbrough Now: Where is LuLaRoe Retailer Today?

LaShae Kimbrough used to be a retailer at LuLaRoe. She was a part of the onboarding team. Find out what LaShae Kimbrough is doing today.

If you’ve witnessed the four-part LuLaRoe docuseries dubbed LuLaRich on Amazon Prime Video, you’ll know that the real draws aren’t the notoriously overpriced leggings.

Nor are the attractions the eccentric couple (check out DeAnne Stidham’s net worth) as they sit at the very top of the company.

Retailers (like LaShae Kimbrough, Lauren Covey CarsonCourtney HarwoodJill DrehmerTiffany Ivanovsky, and Ashleigh Lautaha) are LuLaRich‘s true stars.

Most of the former LuLaRoe employees, who got interviewed in the documentary had already quit the organization by the time they met the directors, but their stories don’t stop there.

Former LuLaRoe Employee LaShae Kimbrough – What is She Doing Now?

LaShae Kimbrough, 43, was a member of LuLaRoe’s onboarding team. When she was desperate for cash, she’d generate it in various ways, like taking out loans, opening zero-interest credit cards, and even distributing breast milk.

Kimbrough told New York Post she and her crew were taking in at least $1 million per day. Consultants received bonuses for bringing on a new salesperson to their organization.

As a reward, they earned a portion of the onboarding fees that their understudies paid, and those mentees subsequently passed those costs on to others.

Following her departure from LuLaRoe, LaShae Kimbrough started her own apparel line, NShoodies, and she keeps her Instagram followers up to speed with her daily activities by posting status updates.

Her social media posts indicate that she recently celebrated her son’s 17th birthday and brought home a new puppy.

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