‘LuLaRich’ Retailer Ashleigh Lautaha Made Insane Money at LuLaRoe: What is She Doing Now?

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'LuLaRich' Retailer Ashleigh Lautaha Made Insane Money at LuLaRoe: What is She Doing Now?

Ashleigh Lautaha was a retailer at LuLaRoe, who made crazy money thanks to the pyramid scheme. She features on Amazon Prime’s documentary LuLaRich.

LuLaRich, a four-part Amazon Prime Video documentary series, examines the rapid ascent of the clothing firm LuLaRoe. DeAnne and Mark Stidham founded the firm, and the pair’s business strategies swiftly propelled it to company profits that were unfathomable at the time.

LuLaRoe, like several cast members, was a huge success, with an incredible number of independent retailers operating for the brand at its peak. However, its multi-level advertising business model has been a source of criticism in recent years.

Ashleigh Lautaha, one of the company’s first retailers, just as Courtney Harwood, Tiffany Ivanovsky, Lauren Covey Carson, LaShae Kimbrough, and Jill Drehmer, spoke about her journey in the new docuseries, LuLaRich. So, let’s learn more about her.

LuLaRoe Retailer Ashleigh Lautaha Features on Amazon Prime’s LuLaRich

Ashleigh Lautaha was born in Kailua, Hawaii, and was residing in Washington at the time she bumped into LuLaRoe. Her husband was deployed there at the time. Ashleigh became intrigued by LuLaRoe after seeing somebody on her social media wearing a maxi skirt from the company.

When she discovered she couldn’t buy it online, she called the company and spoke with DeAnne. Ashleigh was fascinated when DeAnne mentioned a possible business opportunity of selling LuLaRoe items.

Ashleigh Lautaha was parenting two children at the time, and expecting another. She loved spending time with her children and family at the age of 25, and LuLaRoe looked to guarantee that. She was sold on the concept of working from home while spending time with her kids.

Therefore, in 2013, she was officially LuLaRoe’s third retailer. She would bring the product to people’s homes and sell it to them. In the documentary LuLaRich, Ashleigh revealed that her goal was to continue earning money and developing new contacts.

LuLaRoe thrived on the premise that an autonomous retailer would earn a commission when they recruited another individual to sell their products. With her first success, she was able to entice a large number of individuals to join because many wished to have the same financial security that she had.

Ashleigh Lautaha had almost 5000 workers on her squad at one time and made a lot of money from bonus checks. However, as time went by, the newer employees that entered the organization simply did not earn as much as those in higher positions.

What is Ashleigh Lautaha Doing Today?

Ashleigh Lautaha claimed that the amount of the bonus checks decreased once the business modified the strategy to promote sales rather than new hires. Moreover, LuLaRoe was at the center of several lawsuits alleging that it was essentially a pyramid scheme.

Ultimately, Ashleigh decided to leave LuLaRoe. She revealed on the Amazon documentary that she was earning six figures a year when she decided to leave her job.

She does, however, appear to have moved on from that period of her life. Ashleigh Lautaha and her husband have since divorced. She is currently living in Tacoma, Washington, and spends a lot of time with her kids.

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