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Who is Sam Schultz from LuLaRoe? Where is He Now?

Sep 12, 2021 @ 17:40 EDT
Who is Sam Schultz from LuLaRoe? Where is He Now?

Sam Schultz from LuLaRoe features on Amazon Prime's LuLaRich. Find out what Sam Schultz is doing in 2021. He might go to prison if convicted.

The latest documentary series on Amazon Prime Video, LuLaRich, is about LuLaRoe, a multi-level marketing organization that sells apparel.

The firm, which was founded in Corona, California, gained notoriety for its ultra-comfortable leggings, which were debuted in 2014, but they quickly encountered problems due to their strategy and a spike in consumer and merchant complaints.

Sam Schultz, a LuLaRoe employee, was interviewed in the documentary and he discussed his employment and the company's frightening expansion. So, let's learn more about him, shall we?

LuLaRoe's Sam Schultz Features on Amazon Prime's LuLaRich

Sam Schultz is the nephew of LuLaRoe co-founder DeAnne Stidham. Sam joined the organization in 2015 as an events manager after it was launched in 2012.

Sam seemed to have some event planning experience at the time and was recruited to design and host seminars in order to register new retailers. The intended plan was to assist these retailers in becoming excellent salespeople, however, this was not the case.

Sam Schultz said,

I thought, look, these women don’t want to feel like they’re getting recruited. … They’re probably desperate housewives, vulnerable, they want to feel more beautiful, more confident—what woman doesn’t, you know? It was just promising them a dream of making money.

As per the documentary, the festivities featured celebrity visitors such as actresses and pop singers. However, the initial event benefited the company because thousands of people waited to sign up immediately after.

Schultz ultimately left the organization in 2017, but not before undergoing the gastric sleeve surgery that other consultants said DeAnne urged them to do.

He said,

Lynnae (DeAnne’s sister) charges $5,000, but it only costs $4,000. You pay her through PayPal, she gets a cut, then takes you to Mexico.

Also, Dianne, DeAnne's twin sister, produced the Maxi skirt when the company first started selling them, according to Sam. However, the sisters soon fell out, and Dianne founded her own clothing brand, Piphany.

Meanwhile, the LuLaRich cast includes retailers Ashleigh Lautaha, Courtney Harwood, Lauren Covey Carson, LaShae Kimbrough, Tiffany Ivanovsky, and Jill Drehmer.

What is Sam Schultz Doing in 2021?

Sam Schultz revealed on LuLaRich that after he departed, he got a cease and desist notice from LuLaRoe's legal team, stating that he could no longer speak to his aunt. Later, he started to work for Piphany as well.

Sam was indicted with 26 charges in February 2019, including 13 counts of communications fraud and theft by deception. Schultz apparently convinced companies to fund a marijuana plantation by promising to double or treble their money.

According to the prosecutors, the farm did not exist. Concerning this, Sam Schultz revealed on LuLaRich that he had put his personal capital in it before discovering it was a bogus business offer. Sam appears to live in Utah and, if convicted, faces prison time.

Before you leave, make sure to check out the entire cast of LuLaRich, and Ashleigh Lautaha's net worth.

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