LuLaRich Documentary Cast & Release Date on Amazon Prime Video

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LuLaRich Documentary Cast & Release Date on Amazon Prime Video

Check out the full list of LuLaRich Documentary cast and release date on Amazon Prime Video. LuLaRich premieres on 10th September 2021.

Documentaries seem to be rushing to pounce on the next major scandal more than ever lately. The impulse to make a shameful exposition of an unknown realm can result in narratives where the wrongdoing is not as clear as the accompanying oddities.

In some circumstances, like Amazon Prime Video‘s LuLaRich, a documentary series succeeds. Jenner Furst and Julia Willoughby Nason craft an exciting, hellish drama that blends themes of fashion, feminism, and forgery in one gorgeous package.

All four episodes have a buzzy vibrancy to them that goes to the heart of the reason so many (mostly) females wanted to work for the company.

Furst and Nason investigate the company’s beginnings and its intriguing founders, DeAnne and Mark Stidham.

The Stidhams appear to be the most perfect couple, and their attention on elegance is evident from the first interview when DeAnne is concerned about the design of the rug while the duo (very much spontaneous) holds hands.

LuLaRich Documentary Cast on Amazon Prime Video

The new Amazon Prime Video documentary LuLaRich features several cast members, notably Roberta Blevins, Áine Cain, Lauren Covey Carson, Jill Drehmer, Iliana Estarellas, Jill Filipovic, Robert FitzPatrick, and Courtney Harwood.

Likewise, Paul Ivanovsky, Tiffany Ivanovsky, LaShae Kimbrough, Ashleigh Lautaha, Stella Lemberg, Becca Peter, Kelly Purcaro, Sam Schultz, DeAnne Stidham, Mark Stidham, and Derryl Trujillo also star in the documentary.

Roberta Blevins

Áine Cain

Lauren Covey Carson

Jill Drehmer

Iliana Estarellas

Jill Filipovic

Robert FitzPatrick

Courtney Harwood

Paul Ivanovsky

Tiffany Ivanovsky

LaShae Kimbrough

Ashleigh Lautaha

Stella Lemberg

Becca Peter

Kelly Purcaro

Sam Schultz

DeAnne Stidham

Mark Stidham

Derryl Trujillo

LuLaRich Documentary Release Date

LuLaRich documentary premieres on Amazon Prime on 10th September 2021.

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