Patrick Mullen from Too Hot to Handle Season 3: Instagram, Age, Birthday, Cringe, Hawaii!

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Patrick Mullen from Too Hot to Handle Season 3: Instagram, Age, Birthday, Cringe, Hawaii!

Patrick from Too Hot To Handle Season 3 has been rising up his Instagram followers. Currently 29 years of age, Patrick Mullen celebrates his birthday on 14th March (zodiac sign: Pisces). Mullen comes from Honolulu, Hawaii. Reddit users discuss the Netflix cast’s cringe moments with Georgia on the reality show. Patrick from Too Hot to Handle stands at a height of over 6 feet.

With the hope of either finding love or enjoying the show, a total of 15 casts participated in an American reality show, Too Hot To Handle Season 3.

The show was basically about finding their ideal partner but adding more to the show’s thrill, the production team announced a winning prize of $200,000, which wasn’t fixed, in the sense that every time a cast breaks the rule of the show, the grand prize would reduce its value.

From $200,000 to $90,000, Too Hot To Handle Season 3 on Netflix was teeming with people with absolutely no patience levels, and thus, their every action related to sexual activities or even a random kiss led to decreasing the money.

While there were many people in the show, Patrick Mullen was the eldest among all the casts in Too Hot To Handle Season 3. During his time in the show, people claimed him to look similar to Jason Momoa. So, are you excited to find more about him?

Meanwhile, the entire Too Hot to Handle Season 3 cast includes Beaux RaymondGeorgia HassaratiHarry JohnsonHolly ScarfoneIzzy Fairthorne, Jaz Holloway, Nathan Soan Mngomezulu, Patrick Mullen, Stevan Ditter, and Truth.

Likewise, we looked at new cast members, notably Olga Bednarska, and Brianna Giscombe.

In addition, find out if the couples are still together, notably Beaux and Harry, and Nathan and Holly.

Patrick Mullen from Too Hot To Handle Season 3: Is He on Instagram?

Originally from Hawaii, Patrick Mullen is one of the cast members from the pre-exquisite show, Too Hot To Handle Season 3. Aged 29, Patrick is deemed as the oldest cast in the show, and thus, myriads of people including his fellow cast members somewhat believe that Patrick looks similar to Jason Momoa. While few people deny this, there are a plethora of people who admire Mullen for his facial features and hairstyle.

Working as a model and actor, Patrick Mullen already had a huge number of Instagram followers and the number commenced up-training more when he made his presence in Too Hot To Handle Season 3. From advertising to the catwalk, Patrick has covered almost the majority of fields of modeling.

Conversely, apart from modeling, and being specific about his studies, Patrick Mullen holds a degree in botany, and has extreme love towards plants and flowers. Before his entry to the reality show, he even vowed himself to gift his woman a flower, teeming with his love and appreciation.

During his time in Hawaii, he worked as someone whose main job was to offer dream nights to women under the stars. As Patrick had spent many years with women, from knowing to treat them right to giving them butterflies, Patrick Mullen was all already to shoot his shot in Too Hot To Handle Season 3.

As it is said the way to reach a woman’s heart is via singing a song dedicated to her, Patrick was an avid guitarist with an outgoing personality.

Cringe Moments Between Patrick and Georgia in Too Hot To Handle Season 3

Fans started cringing out when the eminent cast from Too Hot To Handle Season 3, Patrick Mullen tried singing a song for his love, Georgia (@georgiahassarati) in the show.

While his main intention was to get Georgia’s heed and showcase his feelings or attraction towards her, the spectators didn’t find this cute instead tagged it cringe.

Moreover, they didn’t confine their opinions to themselves rather filled all the social media platforms from Instagram to Twitter to pour out how they had this second-hand embarrassment upon seeing Patrick Mullen’s action towards Georgia.

Presently, Georgia and Patrick aren’t together, however, they dated even after the nine months of the end of the shoot of Too Hot To Handle Season 3.

Too Hot to Handle Season 3 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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