Are Isha and Michael Still Together? Twenty Somethings Austin Update!

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Are Isha and Michael Still Together? Twenty Somethings Austin Update!

Fans wonder if Isha and Michael are still together on Twenty Somethings Austin. The Netflix alums Isha Punja and Michael Fractor got into a relationship on Twentysomethings.

Twenty Somethings Austin is a pleasant reality show that chronicles a diverse mix of young people who move to Austin, Texas, with the goal of learning to manage the peaks and valleys of adulthood.

The Netflix cast consists of four guys and four girls who live in side-by-side houses with a shared backyard, which leads to a few internal conflicts and even some drama.

Many are particularly interested to know if Roxy and Kamari are still together. Likewise, Michael and Isha were one such duo that surfaced, and we’ve got to admit, they were really lovely together. Let’s take a look at where they are now, shall we?

Twenty Somethings Austin: Are Isha and Michael Still Together?

There were no flames flying between Michael Aaron Fractor and Isha Punja when they first met since they were both just focused on getting to meet their housemates.

In reality, the latter had come in with the mindset of only going out outside their group because she was afraid things would get complicated, only to alter her mind once she met Bruce Stephenson.

Michael, in contrast, went on a few dates with different ladies without understanding Raquel Daniels was toying with him. But ultimately, things died down, and Isha and Michael’s story began.

Isha said that Michael was “the cousin” of her kind and that she found him appealing during a talk with Raquel after she got the all-clear. She then began a simple yet brave one-on-one conversation with him over tacos, which resulted in their first date being scheduled.

Michael then took Isha mini-golfing, shared jokes with her, and made her experience butterflies with some goofy yet charming movements.

The fact that she didn’t mind him being a virgin, that he kept his pledge to prepare her breakfast in the morning, and that he passed her mother’s “vibe check” only strengthened their bond.

Meanwhile, the entire Twenty Somethings Austin cast includes Raquel DanielsAbbey HumphreysBruce StephensonKamari Bonds, Natalie Cabo, Isha Punja, Keauno Perez, and Michael Fractor.

Are Isha Punja and Michael Fractor Still Dating?

It’s no mystery that dating can be difficult, but Michael and Isha’s demeanor in every scenario demonstrated that they weren’t just looking for a fling.

They were always truthful while also keeping things lighter at every opportunity, as evidenced by how she contacted him after he assumed she didn’t like him anymore after he botched an open mic.

Isha liked Michael’s patience since it allowed her to focus on her design line while also ensuring that they remained friends first, strengthening their bond with each passing day.

When it comes to where Michael and Isha are now, it’s unknown whether they opted to stay united or apart, but one thing we can tell for sure is that they are still close and, at the very least, great mates.

We’re assuming that this signifies they’re still an exclusive relationship because they follow each other on their various social media accounts and appear to have an understanding.

However, given how young everything is (the Netflix original was shot in the fall of 2021), it’s not unexpected that they’re choosing to keep everything under wraps in any case.

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Twentysomethings: Austin is currently streaming on Netflix.

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