Keauno Perez from Twenty Somethings Austin: Birthday, Instagram, Ethnicity!

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Keauno Perez from Twenty Somethings Austin: Birthday, Instagram, Ethnicity!

Keauno Perez from Twenty Somethings Austin Netflix is a 28-year-old reality star. Fans wonder about his birthday & Instagram. As for ethnicity, Keauno from Twentysomethings is a second-generation American. Some viewers mistake his name for Keanu Perez.

Twentysomethings: Austin, as the name indicates, is a Netflix reality show about eight 20-somethings who live together in Austin, Texas, and set out to discover what it takes to be a genuine adult.

They traverse everything with the support of their newfound neighbors in this unscripted show, from the peaks to the low points, in an effort to discover who they truly are away from their tiny villages or parents’ houses.

Keauno Perez, or Keke, is one of them, and his reserved yet endearing attitude has won us over. So, if you’re interested in learning more about him, you’ve come to the right place.

Meanwhile, the entire Netflix cast includes Raquel DanielsAbbey HumphreysBruce Stephenson, Kamari Bonds, Natalie Cabo, Isha Punja, Keauno Perez, and Michael Fractor.

Keauno Perez from Twenty Somethings Austin: What’s His Birthday & Ethnicity?

Keauno Perez, 28, is a second-gen American from Fayetteville, Arkansas, raised in a strict Catholic and conservative atmosphere. That’s why he spent years not only struggling to embrace his own sexuality but also fearing rejection from his family.

As a result, it took him the age of 25 to finally come out as gay and learn that his worries were generally unwarranted; he continues to have a family bond, who appear to be supportive.

The Netflix alum, on the other hand, had no choice but to relocate to Austin because his previous struggles had stopped him from learning anything about his neighborhood.

Keauno Perez said on Twenty Somethings Austin,

I’m coming to Austin because Austin is different. [A place where I’ll be] able to be my authentic self.

The reality alum never kissed a person, much less had a lover, so he intended to submerge himself in the city’s accepting LGBTQ+ scene and perhaps discover real love.

Keauno demonstrated that he was prepared to concentrate on himself by admitting that he had quit as the Coordinator for Residence Education at the University of Arkansas to migrate, albeit in a tragic manner.

He’d been in the position for almost half a decade, but he had no choice because his brief leave had been denied.

Keauno Perez Now: Is the Twentysomethings Alum on Instagram?

Although we can’t be certain, Keauno Perez appears to have made Texas his home. The one thing we’re confident of is that he’s definitely arrived at a point in his life where he’s truly content.

He wrote on Instagram:

I quit my career to start a journey on discovering who I am and learning to love the authentic me… and the authentic me is… gay.

Perez added,

I have had a WILD journey in Austin, and one of the many lessons I have learned is that being gay does not change my character. Being gay does not make me a bad or evil person. Being gay is not my entire identity but a part of me that contributes to who I am, and I can finally take pride in that.

Keauno Perez, on the flip side, hasn’t said much about his work life so far, but the fact that he holds a Bachelor’s degree (2015) and completed graduation in Communication two years later in 2017 from Tarleton State University means he’s got a plethora of choices.

His expertise as an Entertainment Editor and Associate Producer at Texan News Service, as well as his position as a Coordinator for Residence Education at the University of Arkansas, would undoubtedly benefit him in his future endeavors.

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