Bruce Stephenson from Twenty Somethings Austin Netflix: Instagram & Birthday Explored!

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Bruce Stephenson from Twenty Somethings Austin Netflix: Instagram & Birthday Explored!

Bruce Stephenson stars on Twenty Somethings Austin Netflix. Grab details of his Instagram. The Twentysomethings cast is 23 years old in 2021. Bruce from 20 Somethings is yet to disclose his birthday.

Twentysomethings: Austin is a pleasant spectacle about eight individuals in their twenties juggling love, friendships, and careers in a new city in search of a “new normal.”

In this fascinating Netflix original, the cast members are able to focus on themselves like never before since Austin provides them with independence, opportunities, and a unique support system.

However, because Bruce Stephenson‘s journey took an unexpected turn, let’s learn everything we can about him, including his Instagram.

Meet Bruce Stephenson from Twenty Somethings Austin Netflix

Just like Abbey Humphreys, Natalie Cabo, Kamari Bonds, Michael Fractor, Keauno Perez, Raquel Daniels, and Isha Punja, Bruce Stephenson from Twentysomethings Austin is an interesting individual, to say the least.

He comes from Greenville, South Carolina, and is 23 years of age, as of 2021. However, his precise birthday is undisclosed.

He serves in the insurance industry and, based on his LinkedIn profile, he has his own firm that provides auto, commercial, and residential insurance. Bruce has been with Stephenson Insurance for a little over a year.

According to his profile, Bruce learned marketing at university and is enthusiastic about just about anything from sports and live theater to beer and ice cream. He’s 5’11, has an acting and modeling background, and obviously enjoys working out at the gym!

As for the reality show, Twenty Somethings Austin is a six-episode Netflix program that premiered on December 10, 2021. Eight young individuals from all across the United States relocate to Austin to begin a new life.

The ’20 Somethings’ are of a similar age, yet they all have distinct careers, family backgrounds, and goals for their time in Austin.

They’ve all migrated to Austin for various reasons, and fans will be able to follow their travels beginning on December 10th.

Bruce Stephenson from Twentysomethings Austin is Active on Instagram

Bruce Stephenson, a Netflix star, is available on Instagram as @thebruceislooze, where he has over 8k followers. Based on Bruce’s December 11th Instagram Story, he’s close buddies with Love Is Blind alums, Barnett and Amber.

According to his Instagram feed, Bruce is quite fond of outdoor activities, the gym, catching up with friends, and traveling.

Before you leave, check out the house location and address, and learn about a potential Season 2.

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