Kamari Bonds from Twenty Somethings Austin: Birthday & Instagram Explored!

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Kamari Bonds from Twenty Somethings Austin: Birthday & Instagram Explored!

Kamari Bonds from Twenty Somethings Austin Netflix celebrates his birthday on March 20. He is available on Instagram. Kamari from Twentysomethings played football and basketball at North Guilford High School before going to college.

There may be an unwritten rule in TV that every reality program must have at least one model in the cast. At least, it appears to be the case with each new show we watch.

Consider the following example: Kamari Bonds is a model and one of the cast members on Netflix‘s fresh reality show Twentysomethings Austin, in which young adults handle life’s ebbs and flows while residing together in Austin, Texas.

Each cast member carries their own motivations for staying in the city; Kamari, most notably, stated that he is there to kickstart his modeling career. But Kamari Bonds is not all about his modeling career — and his model-level stunning features, of course.

Many are particularly interested to know if Roxy and Kamari are still together.

Kamari Bonds from Twenty Somethings Austin: When is His Birthday?

Kamari Bonds is a 23-year-old Greensboro, North Carolina native. He celebrates his birthday on March 20, which makes his zodiac sign Pisces.

He is, as previously stated, a model, but he also likes the idea of combating misconceptions about individuals in his field, similar to the ones that models are uneducated.

Kamari migrated to Austin after earning a bachelor’s degree, which he enthusiastically shares in the debut episode of Twenty Somethings Austin.

Meanwhile, the entire Netflix cast includes Raquel DanielsAbbey HumphreysBruce Stephenson, Kamari Bonds, Natalie Cabo, Isha Punja, Keauno Perez, and Michael Fractor.

There are a few other things about Bonds that he does not discuss on the program, so here’s everything you need to know about him.

Kamari Bonds’ Instagram: What’s the Twentysomethings Alum’s Real Job?

Kamari Bonds‘ Instagram is chock-full of photos of him performing what he knows best: modeling.

He doesn’t have much on his profile, but he does feature some behind-the-scenes photographs of himself modeling, as well as pictures from his vacations to destinations like Hawaii.

For his career as a model, Kamari is signed by Marilyn’s Agency, and he describes himself as an artistic entrepreneur in his Instagram profile.

As per his LinkedIn page, he boasts a passion for fashion and is funneling a strong urge for fashion into projects such as but not confined to creating garments, styling, and establishing an idea.

He doesn’t possess any other employment mentioned on his profile besides advertising, however, he served as a project supervisor on site as a student at East Carolina University.

Kamari Bonds was a varsity football player as well as a basketball player at North Guilford High School prior to attending college. He was also employed as a server at a North Carolina country club.

The new reality star has had a wide range of adventures, but living in the spotlight for Twentysomethings Austin is definitely his most exciting.

Before you leave, check out the house location and address, and learn about a potential Season 2.

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