Who is Sharelle Rosado from Selling Tampa on Netflix?

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Who is Sharelle Rosado from Selling Tampa on Netflix?

Sharelle Rosado, appearing in Netflix’s Selling Tampa, celebrates her birthday on 1st October. Rumors were spreading about her married life and pregnancy. From getting to know how old is Sharelle Rosado to learning about her pregnant status, read the article to know all about her age & ethnic background.

Sharelle Rosado is one of the cast members of an eminent Netflix reality show Selling TampaSpending exactly 5 years in real estate, the Black woman, Rosado has taken every stern initiative for the betterment of her career.

While looking at her career, it seems that Sharelle Rosado is one of the fortunate women who easily got all the wealth and fame. No doubt, the Selling Tampa’s participant, Sharelle has gone through a lot of struggles and obstacles, and only she knows how daunting it was for her to reach where she is at today.

Being the CEO and founder of a brokerage company, Allure Realty, Rosado has provided a platform to many women, moreover, she has been a source of inspiration for myriads of young women to start their own company and be financially independent.

It is beyond doubt that Rosado’s starring at Selling Tampa will bring lucrative to her career and will act as a positive catalyst in enhancing her future.

Sharelle Rosado: Selling Tampa’s Cast, Age, Birthday & Ethnic Background

Born on 16th October in Columbus, Georgia, United States, Selling Tampa‘s cast, Sharelle is an exceptional realtor. Having experience of 5 years in real estate, Sharelle eventually opened her own brokerage company, Allure Realty.

Gaining huge success from her company, Sharelle is deemed as an outstanding real estate agent. Before starting her journey as the CEO in Allure Realty, the Selling Tampa’s participant, Sharelle worked as a real estate agent and broker in Tampa Bay Area. At that particular time, Rosado assisted as a Broker and Consultant to several real estate professionals.

As of today, featuring on Selling Tampa, Sharelle Rosado has come across the turning point of her life. Just in the blink of an eye, the Netflix show, Selling Tampa will give her positive exposure from the public. Also, today, summing all of her net worth, Sharelle makes around $107k-510k annually.

Furthermore, it might be shocking to know that Selling Tampa’s star, Sharelle Rosado is a former military relocation specialist and Army Veteran.

Talking about educational qualifications, with a degree of BBA, Human Resources Management and Services, Rosado graduated from the University of Maryland.

Meanwhile, the entire Selling Tampa cast includes Sharelle Rosado, Juawana Colbert Williams, Colony Reeves, Karla Giorgio, Anne-Sophie Petit, Tennille MooreRena Frazier, and Alexis Williams.

Is Sharelle Rosado Pregnant with Chad Johnson’s Baby?

Featuring in Selling Tampa, Sharelle Rosado‘s married life and relationship status have been of concern for many viewers. Rumors were spreading regarding Rosado’s pregnancy with Chad’s child.

Chad Johnson aka Chad Ochocinco is a former American football wide receiver, and he has been currently dating Selling Tampa’s cast, Sharelle Rosado.

The pair seems to keep their love life private, and therefore, have not disclosed how they crossed their paths and started dating. However, Sharelle and her boyfriend Chad Johnson, look adorable together, and thus, their ship has been sailing for a long time.

Moreover, it has been revealed that Chad is supportive of Sharelle in her journey in Selling Tampa as well as Allure Realty. he has been by her side through every thick and thin.

Talking about the rumors, Selling Tampa’s star, Shareele as well as her boyfriend, Chad has confirmed her pregnancy.

Yes, all the rumors were true and Sharelle told that she found out about her pregnancy when she was shooting for Selling Tampa’s season one.  Furthermore, Selling Shareele Rosado and Chad Johnson are expecting a baby girl.

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