Colony Reeves from Selling Tampa: Age, Birthday, Net Worth, Husband!

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Colony Reeves from Selling Tampa: Age, Birthday, Net Worth, Husband!

Colony Reeves from Selling Tampa celebrates her birthday on 20th June and her zodiac sign is Libra. At the age of 30, Reeves has thousands of followers on Instagram and makes a hefty net worth of $500k. Do you know about the realtor’s love life and husband?

Among the eight cast members of Netflix’s Selling Tampa, Colony Reeves is one of the exceptional real estate agents. Appearing in the American reality show, Colony Reeves will be gaining more fame than ever.

The reality show, Selling Tampa is an extraordinary show where realtors mix their businesses with pleasure. There are altogether eight cast members including Colony Reeves and all the real estate agents are part of Allure Realty.

While it is quintessentially true that real estate has brought tremendous lucrative to Colony, we cannot eschew the fact that her involvement in Allure Realty gave her the best opportunity to cast in Selling Tampa.

Although we are yet to see Colony Reeves in the reality show, no doubt, her presence will add more exhilaration to all the spectators.

Selling Tampa: Colony Reeves’ Age, Birthday & Net Worth

Reeves, one of the prominent cast of Selling Tampa, is an outstanding real estate agent. Presently, she works at Allure Realty in Tampa, Florida, United States. Working as a listing specialist, Reeves has been providing services to individuals who are trying to sell their homes or property.

Since 2019, Colony Reeves began her journey at Allure Realty and this beginning acted as a positive catalyst to her life. Thus, through Allure Realty itself, Reeves got the platform to cast in Netflix Selling Tampa.

Colony did not commence her career in real estate rather she taught preschoolers and made her living. Conversely, working as a preschooler teacher, Reeves realized that teaching was not made for her, and therefore, with the influence of her dad, Selling Tampa’s cast, Colony involved herself in real estate.

However, the 30 -year-old woman, Reeves did not have even the slightest bit of passion for real estate until she graduated from the university. In her college years, Colony was fascinated with going outs; in auditions, pageants, dance recitals, and modeling.

She seems to be an out-going person. Hence, she is active on Instagram as well; Presently, Reeves has a verified Instagram account with exactly 24.1k followers.

Talking about her educational qualifications, Selling Tampa’s cast, Colony holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences from University Florida.

Celebrating her birthday each year on 20th June, her zodiac sign is Gemini. Presently, she is 30 years old, and even at this young age, the real estate agent makes a hefty net worth.

No doubt, the Black American woman has been living a luxurious life teeming all of her needs and desires. Moreover, her net worth makes her one of the wealthiest women and undoubtedly, Reeves can travel to any corner of the world.

In 2021, Colony Reeves makes a lot of profit from feal estate and thus, her net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. Furthermore, Reeves does hold properties that are worth $275000$450000.

Meanwhile, the entire Selling Tampa Netflix cast includes Sharelle Rosado, Juawana Colbert Williams, Colony Reeves, Karla Giorgio, Anne-Sophie Petit, Tennille Moore, Rena Frazier, and Alexis Williams.

Does Colony Reeves from Selling Tampa Have a Husband?

Colony Reeves‘ appearance in Selling Tampa has given her exposure as well as have developed a curiosity about her love life among the general audience.

This has created a dilemma if the Selling Tampa cast, Colony Reeves is married or single. However, looking at her Instagram account, no one of her posts suggests her love life. So, it can be assumed that Reeves is probably single.

However, it is not safe to jump to the conclusion as there are equal chances that the Black American woman may be dating privately or may have a husband. Due to her discretion, it is daunting to know about her love life and husband.

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