Sharelle Rosado from Selling Tampa: First Husband, Baby Daddy, Kids!

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Sharelle Rosado from Selling Tampa: First Husband, Baby Daddy, Kids!

Selling Tampa’s cast, Sharelle Rosado has had several relationships. She has three children from her ex-boyfriend and first husband. However, today, Rosado is living together with her soon-to-be husband, Chad Johnson, and Sharelle is expecting a baby with her fiance, Chad Johnson.

The CEO of Allure Realty, Sharelle Rosado is an exceptional realtor. As of now, Rosado has been gaining more fame than ever as she is one of the cast members of Netflix‘s new reality series Selling Tampa.

Selling Tampa is basically an American reality show where all Black women realtors participate with the aim of mixing their businesses. Starring in this American reality show, Sharelle Rosado’s life has come to a turning point, and she has been acquiring all the lucrative.

With her appearance in Selling Tampa, a majority of people have developed a curiosity regarding her love life and husband. Furthermore, Sharelle’s pregnancy with Chad Johnson‘s baby has brought more heed to both Sharelle and her fiance, Chad.

Chad and Sharelle have been together for years now, and are expecting a baby girl. Conversely, Selling Tampa’s cast, Sharelle has had previous relationships as well.

Sharelle Rosado from Selling Tampa: First Husband & Ex Relationships

Born on 16th October 1987 in Columbus, Georgia, United States, Selling Tampa‘s cast, Sharelle Rosado is the CEO of Allure Realty.

Getting admired for her exceptional real estate agency, Sharelle is quite eminent. Talking about her educational qualifications, Rosado is a graduate of the University of Maryland.

The Selling Tampa’s cast has altogether three children from her past relationships- a 6-year-old son, Denim, a 13-year-old Marcus, and a 15-year-old daughter, Ariana. Although Sharelle never gets tired of admiring her kids, Rosado has not disclosed her past relationships and first husband.

Looking at her, it seems that Selling Tampa’s cast has alone been taking care of all of her children. Also, it seems that Rosado does not have a good connection with her first husband. Thus, due to her confidentiality, it is daunting to know about Sharelle’s ex-husband and ex-boyfriends.

Selling Tampa: Sharelle Rosado and Her Fiance Chad Johnson

The Selling Tampa cast, Sharelle is currently dating the former American footballer, Chad Johnson Ochocinco. Both Sharelle and her boyfriend, Chad have been together for two years.

People were concerned about their relationship a few years back after Sharelle’s fiance, Chad, had been arrested for domestic violence.

Hence, people commenced asking queries on Sharelle’s choice. Conversely, defending her relationship with her future husband-to-be, Chad Johnson, Sharelle told that she was happy in the relationship and even claimed that her finance is one of the greatest people for her.

This is discernible that Selling Tampa’s cast, Sharelle, and her fiance Chad carries one of the strongest bondings.

Adding more to their relationship, Selling Tampa’s Sharelle Rosado and Chad got engaged. The couple is happily together, and they even share their together moments on their Instagram account.

Also, it was shocking as well as good news when Sharelle Rosado got to know about pregnancy during the shoot of Selling Tampa’s first season. Expecting Chad’s baby brought enormous bliss and jocund to both Sharelle and Chad.

Although this baby will be their first child together, both Sharelle and her fiance, Chad Johnson have had children from their past love life. While  Selling Tampa’s cast, Sharelle has altogether three children, her fiance, Chad Johnson has exactly eight kids.

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