Karla Giorgio from Selling Tampa: Age, Husband, Ethnicity, Birthday!

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Karla Giorgio from Selling Tampa: Age, Husband, Ethnicity, Birthday!

Karla Giorgio from Selling Tampa works at Allure Realty. She’s a single mother to two kids and doesn’t have a husband right now. Karla from Selling Tampa is 33 years of age while her birthday is January 31 and her zodiac sign is Aquarius. As for her ethnicity, she was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Karla Giorgio’s net worth is estimated at $700,000. She is active on Instagram. Her IG shows her lavish life. When it comes to her height, she is 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Karla Giorgio is one of the real estate agents on the Selling Sunset spin-off series, as she becomes a part of the Selling Tampa team.

We’ve got you covered on everything from the Netflix alum’s Instagram photos to whether or not she’s married.

Fans who enjoyed the melodrama and million-dollar houses at The Oppenheim Group will enjoy the new show, which follows the all-Black, all-female agency Allure Realty in Tampa, Florida.

Grab everything you want to learn about Karla Giorgio below.

Karla Giorgio from Selling Tampa: Age, Birthday, Ethnicity!

Karla Giorgio, 33, a former auto salesperson turned real estate agent, has joined the Selling Tampa team. She has been employed at Allure Realty since she was 16 when she sold vehicles at her stepfather’s shop.

She was born in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1998 and celebrates her birthday on January 31. The reality star migrated with her mom and sister to Orlando, Florida, in 1994. Karla Giorgio was reared by a single mother and learned early on the value of supporting her family.

She became captivated with the concept of selling and began selling her treats at school. Karla decided to join Allure Realty in 2019 and has since sold multi-million dollar listings!

She is the mother of three sons, two of whom are twins. Xavier is the name of one of her kids.

Meanwhile, the entire Selling Tampa cast includes Sharelle Rosado, Juawana Colbert WilliamsColony Reeves, Karla Giorgio, Anne-Sophie Petit, Tennille MooreRena Frazier, and Alexis Williams.

Who is Karla Giorgio’s Husband?

Karla Giorgio doesn’t look like she’s married because she doesn’t have any possible love prospects on Instagram.

She does not reveal the identity of the dad of her two kids, but we may learn more about him throughout her spell on Selling Tampa.

She congratulated her co-star Sharelle Rosado, who runs Allure Realty, good luck with her forthcoming baby and referred to her and her partner Chad Johnson as a “power couple.”

Karla also alluded to her single status on social networks, commenting beneath a photo of Sharelle’s baby bump.

I can’t find a sperm donor in time so Sharelle will have to be it.

She wrote about it in another upload.

All for settling down… not down for settling. There’s a difference.

It’s fair to say Karla does not have a husband right now.

Karla from Selling Tampa is Active on Instagram

Karla Giorgio‘s lavish life as a realtor is well-documented on her Instagram profile, where she boldly declares her profession in her bio. There is rarely ever a dull day in the life of the Netflix alum, from being a mother to building a great career.

She spent her birthday, January 31, cuddling up in bed with her two children, despite an ailing foot. When she is not serving at Allure Realty, she also goes to the gym on a daily basis.

Karla Giorgio claims in her bio that she is a vegan. If you’re searching for a new home in the Tampa region, follow Karla on Instagram, where she shares listings on a regular basis!

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