Radiator Ranch Cattle Company Location in Winnebago Texas

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Radiator Ranch Cattle Company Location in Winnebago Texas

Radiator Ranch Cattle Company’s location is Winnebago Texas. The ranch and the clothing company are both owned by Netflix’s How to Be a Cowboy star, Dale Brisby.

Are you a fan of everything cowboy? On September 1st, Netflix launched a brand new documentary show titled How to Be a Cowboy.

The six-episode series recounts the life of Dale Brisby (whose real name is Clint Hopping), a real-life cowboy. Each 25-minute episode depicts what it feels like to live life on the ranch, complete with horseback riding, bull riding, and everything rodeo.

Dale’s home farm, called Radiator Ranch, is the filming location for much of the reality show, but where exactly is it? Blurred Reality has got all the answers.

Radiator Ranch from How to Be a Cowboy Netflix is Located in Winnebago, Texas!

Winnebego City, defined as a smallish town with a large heart, has only one school and a few businesses, with Radiator Ranch joining the community in 2004.

Dale’s vast ranch includes plenty of room for all of his livestock to roam, combined with fields, horse and bull riding facilities, a feed closet, tack room, and a feed buggy that he uses to travel around the property and feed his numerous four-legged ranch visitors.

Radiator Ranch is home to more than 20 animals, in addition to Dale’s own. The ranch is not lonely ever with three dogs, one being a rescue, two cats, six horses, three bulls, and numerous cow calves.

A horse named Boone, 21 years old now, has his own Instagram account. Radiator Ranch, like all of its occupants, is also the origin of Dale’s apparel firm, Radiator Ranch Cattle Company.

How to Be a Cowboy’s Other Filming Locations

Aside from Dale’s famed Radiator Ranch, the cast and crew visited various sites throughout the season. Another ranch is Double Horn Ranch, which is located in Bluff Dale and is operated by Craig Cameron, a renowned American horse trainer.

The cast also went to Henrietta and Cleburne, both Texas cities recognized for their involvement in the rodeo industry.

Needless to say, if you wish to become a cowboy, there’s no doubt Texas is the place you want to be.

Before you leave, make sure to check out Dale Brisby’s wife, his brother Leroy Gibbons, their sister Dancey Brisby, intern-turn-employee Donnie Ray Daytona, and the new bull rider intern Jorden Halvorsen.

Plus. find out if there will be How to Be a Cowboy season 2 on Netflix.

Meanwhile, do you know how Dale looks without his sunglasses?

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