Dale Brisby’s Net Worth Stands at Over $1 Million & Here’s How He Earns!

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Dale Brisby's Net Worth Stands at Over $1 Million & Here's How He Earns!

Dale Brisby’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million. Learn his sources of income. How much did he make from How to Be a Cowboy on Netflix?

Dale Brisby, a bull-riding rodeo enthusiast, was presented in the debut season of How to Be a Cowboy.

Many people have been fascinated by the Netflix series because, with a big ranch and diverse animals, they are curious how Dale handles it all.

With so much property and livestock to care for, the lifestyle can’t be inexpensive, so what exactly is Dale Brisby‘s net worth, and how does he earn it?

Before we begin with the details of net worth, check out Dale’s age and Wikipedia updates as well!

What is Dale Brisby’s Net Worth?

Dale Brisby (whose real name is Clint Hopping), a Texan renowned bull rider and entertainer, is the farm owner of Radiator Ranch Cattle Company, located in Winnebago, Texas.

The pet enthusiast and lead of How to Be a Cowboy on Netflix take care of a variety of species on Radiator Ranch, which includes cows, bulls, horses, dogs, cats, and many other domesticated animals.

Dale, the religious cowboy, boasts an undisclosed net worth as of 2021. However, there are indicators that suggest his overall worth is well over $1 million.

In addition to bringing in cash, Dale’s ownership of over 20 animals, six of which are horses, could be costing him tens of thousands of dollars at the expense of sustaining a decent living for the horses alone.

Idaho Press claimed that rewards for a professional cowboy winner might range from $40,000 to $170,000 per year.

Dale might have made a lot of money from rodeo triumphs because he was a part of it from an early age, upon getting raised on a ranch.

Dale has recently launched a YouTube channel and has a sizable presence on social media, with 705k Instagram followers and 304k YouTube subscribers.

Dale’s YouTube net worth alone is projected to be $130,000 while he regularly posts across all social media platforms. Since its inception in July 2013, the channel has received 57.9 million views.

Dale also operates Radiator Ranch Cattle Company, an online business that sells a variety of clothes and items with varying prices from $26 to $550.

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