Dale Brisby’s Sister Dancey Brisby Steals Our Hearts on How to Be a Cowboy Netflix

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Dale Brisby's Sister Dancey Brisby Steals Our Hearts on How to Be a Cowboy Netflix

Dale Brisby’s adorable sister is named Dancey Brisby. She makes her appearance on the new Netflix reality show How to Be a Cowboy on Netflix.

Netflix‘s How to Be a Cowboy reality series season 1 revolves around real-life cowboys in America. Someone who is only familiar with the cowboy lifestyle through Western media may be surprised to learn that there are individuals whose job is a cowboy.

Dale Brisby, who runs Radiator Ranch in Texas, stars in the six-episode documentary. He features alongside his brother Leroy and a pal named Cheech. Dale has also hired interns, namely Donnie Ray Daytona and Jorden Halvorsen, to train them how to be cowboys and cowgirls.

While watching this series, the very first thought that springs to mind is how great it is to be a cowboy. But then you realize that it’s just as difficult to be one.

Seeing somebody tumble off the back of a bull or a horse makes you frightened, as if it’s that’s your fate if you tried. In the meantime, the more episodes of How to Be a Cowboy Season 1 that pass, the more you yearn to see what unfolds next.

It all starts with us meeting Dale (whose real name is Clint Hopping) and his pals. We later witness Dale’s sister Dancey Brisby, and she couldn’t be more adorable!

Meet Dale Brisby’s Sister Dancey Brisby on How to Be a Cowboy Netflix

The coolest aspect of the show, at least for us, was watching Jorden Halvorsen win a men-dominated space. From the first time Jorden rides a bull on-screen until the finish, we can see her remarkable growth.

Likewise, Dancey Brisby, Dale and Leroy’s sister, storms in and immediately steals your heart. Quite frankly, we adore her, despite the fact that we know nothing about being a cowgirl.

Besides the adorable sister Dancey Brisby, another thing you may love is that everyone, including Donnie, is industrious and eager to do better at what they do. With his gruff cowboy style, he may think he’s Clint Eastwood at times.

Everything about How to Be a Cowboy on Netflix is precisely what you would imagine it to be, from the bulls to the horses and the gorgeous saddles, cowboy hats, buckles, boots, and jackets.

It is, nevertheless, full of adventure. This new series is really worth watching, and it’s also a wonderful show for binge-viewing.

Before you leave, make sure to check out the details of Dale Brisby’s wife as well as his brother Leroy Gibbons.

Plus, find out if How to Be a Cowboy season 2 is on the cards! Likewise, details of the farm’s location in Winnebago, Texas!

In the meantime, have you seen Dale without his sunglasses?

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