Meet Jorden Halvorsen Bull Rider from How to Be a Cowboy Netflix

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Meet Jorden Halvorsen Bull Rider from How to Be a Cowboy Netflix

Jorden Halvorsen bull rider, often misspelled as Jordan Halvorsen, from How to Be a Cowboy on Netflix, is an intern at Radiator Ranch under Dale Brisby.

How to Be a Cowboy is an engrossing documentary series that explores what it takes to live in the countryside as a true and genuine cowboy or cowgirl by observing charismatic Dale Brisby (along with his adorable sister Dancey Brisby) and his Radiator Ranch crew as they go about their daily lives.

The Netflix program covers everything from herding and feeding cows to fixing fences and riding bulls and horses to simply having fun.

But, to be bluntly honest, Jorden Halvorsen among all other cast piqued our interest the most with her strong work ethic and tenacity. So we’ve uncovered all the details about this new reality star!

Who is Jorden Halvorsen from How to Be a Cowboy Netflix?

Jorden Halvorsen, who hails from North Carolina, was a figure skater who spent her childhood riding horses as a passion.

With no background of bull riding in her lineage or region that she was aware of, she did not consider it until her horse trainer recommended that she try it out for fun.

The newest Netflix star on How to Be a Cowboy then stepped into a practice enclosure, rode the animal, and couldn’t help fall in love with the adrenaline-pumping, tough sport.

She discovered that it is quite male-dominated and chose to hang up her skates in order to be one of the few bull riding ladies in the country.

Jorden Halvorsen has only been in the business for roughly eight years, yet she is regarded as one of the greatest!

Moreover, despite the multiple injuries, difficulties, and failures she has endured over the years, the most recent of which was to her knee and nearly ended her career, she has worked tirelessly to climb further with each return.

After all, Jorden aspires to become the kind of role model she lacked as a child. This is why she makes the most out of every opportunity to connect and interact with individuals who appreciate her, regardless of age.

Jorden, as shown in the Netflix series How to Be a Cowboy, sees this as her duty.

What is Jorden Halvorsen Doing Today?

Aside from wishing to be a professional female bull rider for the rest of her life, Jorden Halvorsen aspires to someday own and operate her own countryside ranch, which is why she chose to do an internship at Radiator Ranch under Dale Brisby (whose real name is Clint Hopping) to gain first-hand knowledge.

Furthermore, the How to Be a Cowboy alum intended to take advantage of an opportunity to learn from the finest and regain her courage to ride bulls again following her terrible knee injury.

As far as we’re aware, the now-26-year-old is still employed there and enjoying the time of her life. In Texas, she has received support and a true family.

The new Netflix alum Jorden Halvorsen has started a Cameo account in order to continue acting as a public person and positive figure.

However, it should be noted that she does not appear to be riding bucking bulls for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, her knees are still not completely healed.

Last month, Halvorsen updated on Instagram:

Had ACL reconstruction surgery and everything went well. I start physical therapy in a few days but already can bend my knee to 90 degrees. Minor setbacks for majors comebacks and happy to be on the road to recovery ?? #cowabunga #goodvibes

In the meantime, we can’t wait to witness what Jorden Halvorsen does next following her amazing adventure on How to Be a Cowboy.

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