Clint Hopping on Netflix’s How to Be a Cowboy: Where is He Now?

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Clint Hopping AKA Dale Brisby on Netflix's How to Be a Cowboy: Where is He Now?

Clint Hopping, who does not use his real name and rather prefers Dale Brisby, stars in the Netflix series How to Be a Cowboy. Where is he today? What is the cowboy doing now?

How to Be a Cowboy is a Netflix documentary series that digs into the world of country living, actual American cowboys, and rodeos as Dale Brisby, whose real name is Clint Hopping, develops a young crop of cowboys.

As the title says, he assists them in honing their abilities through his immense experiences in order to preserve cowboy customs while enjoying life and social media.

This show is gritty, goofy, and ideal for a downtime viewing, particularly with such a close ensemble. Now, if you’re interested in learning more about How to Be a Cowboy cast, notably Dale Brisby aka Clint Hopping, in particular, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Clint Hopping AKA Dale Brisby from How to Be a Cowboy Netflix?

Clint Hopping is a true cowboy at heart. Despite the fact that he has earned great notoriety (his Wikipedia queries have skyrocketed) and celebrity in recent years as a result of his presence on social networking sites, the truth is that he has been in the profession for decades and his legacy is regarded as legendary.

After all, he started his bull riding profession in July 1987 with the PCRA – Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association – and hasn’t been anywhere close to stopping since.

Dale has been climbing the social ladder as a countryman for almost 35 years, and now he hopes to use his expertise and skills to educate others who carry the same passion.

Hopping is more than equipped to perform what he is doing, with a Master’s Degree in General Agriculture from Texas A&M University and years of experience at each and every level on ranches.

That is precisely the reason he was able to start Radiator Ranch Cattle Company back in 2004 and subsequently Radio Time Inc. in 2013 to transform into a true entrepreneur.

They’re both still going strong today, and although the former is more conventional and what Dale enjoys doing, the latter is his identity, allowing him to trade items and develop his operations even further.

What is Clint Hopping Doing Now?

Dale Brisby whose real name is Clint Hopping is the “gypsy soul” who specializes in everything from cattle to cowboy hats to t-shirts. However, it seems that his main focus these nowadays is on his internet imprint.

Dale, who has an adorable sister named Dancey Brisby, has successfully raised awareness about cowboys and create a big following thanks to his humorous and often over-the-top videos. On a personal front, however, details about his wife are scarce!

As of this writing, he has over 700k Instagram followers, 303k YouTube subscribers, and a cameo account that allows him to stay in touch with everybody.

As per his own YouTube profile, Clint Hopping barely knows whether what he says is truthful or trustworthy, but it doesn’t stop him from having a good time.

Dale Brisby spends most of his time at his large farm in Winnebago, Texas, with his workers and friends. Aside from that, he enjoys visiting The Dalewarehouse, which is located at 308 Lubbock Street in Newcastle, Texas, 76372, and is open on weekdays from 9 to 5.

In the meantime, get to know the sweetest Jorden Halvorsen, intern-turn-employee Donnie Ray Daytona, as well as Dale’s brother Leroy Gibbons.

Also, will there be season 2? Meanwhile, have you seen Dale without his sunglasses?

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