Leroy Gibbons is Dale Brisby’s Brother on How to Be a Cowboy Netflix

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Leroy Gibbons is Dale Brisby's Brother on How to Be a Cowboy Netflix

Yes, Leroy Gibbons and Dale Brisby are brothers. The duo stars in the Netflix reality series How to Be a Cowboy. Is Leroy Gibbons his real name?

How to Be a Cowboy, a Netflix reality TV show, is a crazy and exciting look at what it’s like to live in the remote countryside, complete with ranches, rodeos, and work ethic.

It just embraces vast landscapes and American cowboy customs, particularly since there is no drama, fighting, or villains associated.

Dale Brisby (whose real name is Clint Hopping), a skilled bull rider, social media personality, and charismatic entrepreneur, leads this cowboy-themed extravaganza with the support of his Radiator Ranch team.

One of the cast members includes Dale’s brother Leroy Gibbons. So, without further ado, let’s discuss everything we know about him so far!

Meet Leroy Gibbons from How to Be a Cowboy Netflix

Leroy Gibbons, who has neither confirmed nor denied if that’s his real name, is a ranch expert, recording artist, and all-around countryman.

Although he claims that it is his job to work lighter because his sibling normally takes on larger loads, Leroy works with almost the same passion and devotion at The Radiator Ranch Cattle Company and Rodeo Time Inc. throughout the series.

Leroy, like Dale (who has a net worth of more than $1 million), enjoys what he does and wishes to grow on it.

Thus, while he may appear disinterested or disgruntled most of the time, it’s not a coincidence Leroy Gibbons is the person who gets to be on his brother’s side to sponsor conferences and partner contests.

Leroy is the polar opposite of Dale when it comes to his character, with his delicate sense of humor and somewhat restrained demeanor, yet their aims for the future of cowboys are well aligned.

That is the reason he assists enterprises and works with new, young interns to show them the brighter and lighter side of rural life.

Leroy Gibbons is important not only for this reasoning but also because he encourages his brother to face his worries and attempt new stuff.

Yes, it’s mostly for his entertainment, but it stretches Dale’s limits and aids in the development of their businesses.

Where is Leroy Gibbons Now?

Leroy Gibbons, not to be mistaken for the renowned reggae musician of the same name from Canada, now stays in Texas and keeps working alongside Dale and in the country music business.

As a matter of fact, he released his album Unsettled in March 2021, which includes nine tracks. Some of his most popular songs are the 2018 hit If I Don’t Call, the 2019 track Pocahontas from his self-titled EP, and the newly launched Actress and Place in Oklahoma.

Leroy also has a YouTube channel and a Cameo account, but he hasn’t posted anything on the former in about a year.

Furthermore, on Dale Brisby‘s official site, the talented musician sells a variety of products, including shaving kits, wallets, T-shirts, and backpacks. As if these jobs weren’t enough, it appears that Leroy is also dabbling in photography and cinematography.

With all of this, he looks to want to discover every potential frontier but is pleased with where he is now. Leroy Gibbons will not let anything or anyone stand in the way of his life goals.

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