Who is Dale Brisby from the Netflix Show How to Be a Cowboy?

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Who is Dale Brisby from the Netflix Show How to Be a Cowboy?

Grab all the details of Dale Brisby from How to Be a Cowboy on Netflix. In addition, check out the release date and cast of How to Be a Cowboy Netflix.

Dale Brisby and his crew are maintaining cowboy traditions and will take fans along for the ride to witness how they do so in the new Netflix reality show How to Be a Cowboy.

There is a lot of frolicking and fun, but the show also highlights the rodeo lifestyle, cattle care, and other cowboy customs.

Who is Dale Brisby on Netflix?

In the new Netflix original series, the streaming giants will be teaching viewers how to become cowboys. Dale Brisby is the leading cast member on How to Be a Cowboy where his crew will educate us something about being a cowboy on their Radiator Ranch.

If you’ve never heard of Dale Brisby (his real name is Clint Hopping), check out his YouTube channel Rodeo Time to learn more about the famous bull riding gypsy.

Brisby is a ranch manager, rodeo competitor, and internet phenomenon. He began his rodeo career in 1987, and his professional life took off after he created a YouTube account to showcase his bull riding abilities.

Dale Brisby (who’s kept his married life hidden) has a serious element behind all of the buzzwords and theatrics since he owns a master’s degree in agriculture from Texas A&M.

Check out Dale Brisby’s age, an impressive net worth, and updates on his Wikipedia profile!

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When is How to Be a Cowboy Release Date on Netflix?

Netflix is releasing the new original reality show How to Be a Cowboy on 1st September 2021.

The debut season of the show consists of six episodes, and you definitely don’t wanna miss this!

How to Be a Cowboy Netflix Cast

In the new Netflix show How to Be a Cowboy, Dale Brisby is joined by numerous cast members, namely Leroy Gibbons, Joe the intern, Donnie Ray Daytona, Dale’s sister Dancey Brisby, and a girl named Jorden Halvorsen who is more cowboy than all of them combined.

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