Hannah Brauer from Byron Baes: Find Her on Instagram!

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Hannah Brauer from Byron Baes: Find Her on Instagram!

Hannah Brauer is a cast member from Byron Baes on Netflix, and with her participation in this Australian reality show, Hannah has received massive exposure, gaining numerous Instagram followers. Currently, 30 years of age (birthday undisclosed) and working as a brand manager at a clothing line brand/shop named BISQUE, Hannah Brauer’s net worth stands at $300,000 in 2022. Reddit users wonder about Hannah Brauer’s accent and drugs upon watching Byron Baes on Netflix.

Netflix, an ongoing streaming media, has always been bringing new reality shows, series, and movies to refresh us from our tedious lifestyle.

Unlike other platforms, this particular streaming media never fails to bring excitement to our lives and attracts many binge-watchers into watching their productions. Recently, a new Australian reality show, Byron Baes was released on 9th March 2022 having eight episodes.

Typically, this Australian show is about the Australian influencers acting as the cast members and navigating their life and career during their stay at Byron Bay, enjoying the warmth, and the beautiful scenario the place has to offer.

There were ten influencers, artists, and entrepreneurs who participated in Byron Baes, and for now, let’s get to know about Hannah Brauer.

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Hannah Brauer from Byron Baes: Age and Net Worth

The Australian reality show, Byron Baes is pre-exclusive and is completely out of the box. Primarily focusing on the lives of ten Australian influencers: Jade Kevin Foster, Elle Watson, Hannah Brauer, Sarah Tangye, Nathan Favro, Saskia Wotton, Alex Reid, Dave Frim, Simba Ali, Elias Chigros and Jessica Johansen-Bell, Byron Baes features these people’s lives during their stay at Byron Bay. Typically, this reality show has seen episodes that were released on 9th March 2022.

Hannah Brauer, a cast member from Byron Baes, works as the co-creative director of her family’s Byron Bay-based boutique, Bisque. Hannah is an organized person, and apart from being a  professional person, she tends to enjoy every moment of her life.

Looking at her Instagram account, it can be deduced that Hannah Brauer is more of an outgoing person, and most of her Instagram posts are filled with photos of her vacation in different places of the world.

She makes hefty money, and totaling her money from all the sources, it has been estimated that his net worth is around $300,000. Definitely, this money needs placements, and Hannah makes the most out of it on her vacation trip.

Brauer is into yoga and physical fitness and shares her yoga tips and meditations on her account. During her cast on Byron Baes, people somewhat hated her and even claimed that Hannah Brauer fabricated her whole personality and pretended to be someone else through the show.

Moreover, she had a dispute with her other cast member, Jessica, and this feud somewhat brought exposure to both of these cast members, and today, people are highly invested in their lives.

What Happened Between Hannah Brauer and Jessica?

During the starting of Byron Baes, Hannah Brauer and Jessica ended up catching vibes, and being good friends in a quick span of time. With the ongoing friendship, they were happily vibing, and everything was going smoothly. However, an inconvenience happened and everything changed drastically.

At one of the parties, both Hannah and Jessica attended, they were enjoying the party, and as per what Jessica told, Hannah created a scene and caught everyone’s eyes at the party.

She actually embarrassed Jessica in front of everyone, and that was one of the heartbreaking moments for Jessica. This brought a distance in their friendship and created a huge fuss in Byron Baes as well.

With the end of Byron Baes, there were numerous people who were curious and were wanting to know about the current situation between Hannah and Jessica (@jessicajohansenbell).

After the incident, Jessica confronted Hannah Brauer about how heart-wrenching it was for her, and with the confrontation, Hannah apologized, and they sorted out everything.

As of today, there’s no cold war running between them, and they tend to share the same bond they shared earlier.

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