Masha Diduk from Tiger King Season 2: Meet Jeff and Lauren Lowe’s Nanny!

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Masha Diduk from Tiger King Season 2: Meet Jeff and Lauren Lowe's Nanny!

Masha Diduk is a Tiger King Season 2 cast and the nanny of Jeff Lowe and Lauren Lowe, who she met in Las Vegas. Viewers seek her wiki & bio on the internet. The nanny from Philadelphia is of American nationality. She stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches. Masha Diduk’s net worth is estimated at $500,000. Find her on Instagram.

Over the course of two seasons, Netflix’s Tiger King (with new & old cast Mike Busey, Eric Love, Harry Jowsey, Sarah Nicole, Kelci Saff Saffery, Seth Posey, Doc Antle, and Ashley Webster) has provided plenty of fodder for debate.

However, the one issue that everybody keeps bringing up is Jeff and Lauren Lowe’s open relationship, as well as their conduct toward other ladies.

While the inaugural season focused on their wish to employ a gorgeous nanny following the birth of their first kid, season 2 shifted to how they enticed zoo visitors into their bedroom.

During this time, a follow-up show disclosed that they did choose a nanny they liked, Masha Diduk. So, here’s everything you ought to know about her.

Who is Nanny Masha Diduk from Tiger King Season 2?

Masha Diduk is a model and socialite who apparently met Jeff and Lauren Lowe in Las Vegas prior to getting an appointment as their child’s part-time babysitter in September 2019.

As you may remember, the debut season of the docuseries showcased how the pair frequently traveled to Sin City with tiger cubs in bags for incentives, and it was there that they first met the model four years before.

As a result, the transition from that to a nanny appeared weird, fueling allegations that she was employed solely for publicity purposes despite never being on the program in person.

Masha Diduk has now rejected these allegations, claiming that her position at Lowes was legitimate, albeit part-time. When asked about her thoughts on Tiger King and working with animals, she stated she loved both, but the production “twisted” some parts to suggest that Jeff could’ve harmed the animals.

Masha felt that her supervisor could never act in such a manner and even if he did, she just wouldn’t work for him. Masha earned even more prominence as an influencer after being bold in her comments, occupation, and mentions on the documentary Tiger King.

What is Masha Diduk Doing Today?

Masha Diduk made a brief appearance in one of the episodes of David Spade‘s Lights Out after the launch of Tiger King, broadening her horizons in the entertainment business.

She currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, and appears to be associated with the Wet Republic Ultra Pool at MGM Grand, the social media network, and the IntrigueMe entertainment platform.

Basically, the Netflix star is a model and influencer, seizing every chance that catches her eye. That much should be clear from her Instagram page and the things she posts on her Instagram stories.

Given their previous legal problems and her quick feet in Nevada, it’s uncertain whether Masha Diduk is still working for Lowes, but there doesn’t appear to be any regret or hatred between them. She appears to be completely satisfied with her life right now, as she travels and has fun.

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