Maddy Brum’s Dad from Massachusetts: George Brum is in Prison for Rape!

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Maddy Brum's Dad from Massachusetts: George Brum is in Prison for Rape!

Maddy Brum’s dad Barry Brodeur aka George Brum from Massachusetts was in prison for rape as mentioned on Cheer Season 2 on Netflix. Currently out of prison, Maddy Brum’s father George Brum can’t leave the state of Massachusetts. Cheer fans often discuss Maddy Brum’s dad Barry Brodeur on Reddit.

Cheer made its return to Netflix this week for Season 2, delving into the post-fame lives of our favorite adolescent stars at Navarro College.

Following the global popularity of the inaugural season, the series returns to the lives of the cheerleaders while also digging deeper into rival college Trinity Valley and, rather ominously, the allegations of wrongdoing leveled against former champion Jerry Harris.

Maddy Brum is one of the series’s fresh breakout stars, who is joining Navarro as a freshman in 2020 only to miss out on participating at Daytona due to the COVID-19 pandemic canceling sports activities that summer.

She returns as a senior for the 2020/21 season, one of the team’s greatest all-around athletes with abilities as a flyer, tumbler, and dancer.

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Cheer Season 2: Who is Maddy Brum’s Dad George Brum?

Maddy Brum, who was born in Massachusetts, is the center of the third episode of the program, in which we learn more about what drew her to cheerleading. Aspects of her background suggest a rough life for the young prospect, as has become customary for the series.

Maddy says,

[My father] didn’t want me to come here because he didn’t get to see me a lot of my life.

The Cheer alum adds,

But at the end of the day, it’s kinda his fault.

Maddy later explains that her father served time in prison and is no longer permitted to flee the state of Massachusetts. She believes her dad has a lot to make up for after all.

Taking a quick glance at Google Trends, ‘Maddy Brum dad’ and ‘Maddy Brum father’ are now standout search queries for the Netflix program. Fans, especially on Reddit, appear to be interested in learning what Maddy’s dad did to wind himself in prison.

George Brum: Why is Maddy Brum’s Father Barry Brodeur in Prison?

Maddy Brum‘s father, Barry Brodeur aka George Brum, lives in Lowell, Massachusetts. Maddy mentions her father being imprisoned for rape in Episode 7 of Cheer.

According to a court transcript, he was found guilty on three counts of severe sexual harassment and one act of misdemeanor sexual abuse.

Maddy also discloses that her mother, Nicole Ostis, was detained outside of her school once for illegally taking a license plate from someone else’s car. Nicole revealed on the episode that she strained to raise Maddy when her spouse was imprisoned.

Nicole says,

When Maddy was young, her dad went into prison. We lived literally pay check to pay check just to eat and have a roof over our heads so when she started wanting to go to the all-star gym, there was just no reasonable way it would be okay because I couldn’t provide that. But ECE [all-star gym] saw in her this athlete that didn’t deserve to have an opportunity held back by funds.

ECE gym co-owner Cassie Bienvenue adds,

Maddy didn’t have a lot of parental supervision or care. She needed some.

Maddy Brum, currently at Navarro and her dad out of prison, notes that while her father desired to be more involved in her life, she relocated to Navarro College to prioritize her own life and work.

It’s a captivating, tragic narrative, and it’s one of the reasons Maddy Brum is quickly gaining a large internet fan base. Now that she’s a prominent celebrity on the show, it appears her resolve to pursue something just for herself has paid off.

Cheer Season 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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