Who Wins Daytona Cheer 2021? Competition was Canceled in 2020!

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Who Wins Daytona Cheer 2021? Competition was Canceled in 2020!

Fans want to know who wins Daytona Cheer 2021. Navarro Bulldogs do not win Daytona Cheer Season 2 in 2021. Earlier, the 2020 competition was canceled.

As alluded on Cheer Season 2 on Netflix, Varsity Spirit declared in March 2020 that the 2020 NCA & NDA College National Championship, which was scheduled to take place from April 8 to April 12 of that year, has been canceled owing to the current health issue.

La’Darius Marshall, one of the cast members, confirmed Navarro College’s cheerleading team’s return for the 2021 competition in an Instagram post at the time.

So, did Navarro triumph in 2021 at Daytona? Continue reading to find out if Navarro prevailed at Daytona 2021 or if their competitors, Trinity Valley, won the event.

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In addition, we’ve looked at Episode 8 audio issues.

Navarro: Who Wins Daytona Cheer 2021?

Fans hoped for tremendous things for Navarro after they won the title in the debut season of Cheer, anticipating their 15th championship title in 2021.

But it wasn’t meant to be, as per TMZ: Navarro came out second in the tournament, with Trinity Valley Community College taking first place the previous year.

According to reports, the scores were quite close: TVCC earned a score of 98.2292, while Navarro came in second with a score of 98.0708 (a 0.1584 difference).

Season 2 will examine the claims and following charges against Jerry Harris, in addition to the continued rivalry between the two teams.

Cheer Season 2 Addresses Charges Against Jerry Harris

He was taken into custody for manufacturing child pornography in September 2020, with director Greg Whiteley.

She told Variety, the series chronicles incidents as they happened, starting in January 2020 through April 2021, thus the allegations against Jerry Harris are explored extensively in episode five.

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