David From Love on the Spectrum: Are Abbey and David Still Together?

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David From Love on the Spectrum: Are Abbey and David Still Together?

David from Love on the Spectrum US is a person with autism making his cast in the Netflix show. In Love on the Spectrum, David ended up meeting Abbey, and thus, formed a connection with her. Fans wonder if Abbey and David are still together.

Premiering on 19th November 2019, an American television reality show, Love on the Spectrum highlighted the love life and relationship updates of seven people starting their connection from the dating pool and getting to know more about each other. Love on the Spectrum had its two seasons released earlier, and now, on 18th May 2022, the US version got released on Netflix.

This show is extraordinary and allows seven individuals with autism to explore unpredictable love connections while they participate in the show. Throughout the seasons of Love on the Spectrum, we got to see several connections, and even a popular cast member David successfully found his partner on the set of Love on the Spectrum U.S. Let’s get to know more about David.

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Who is David From Love on the Spectrum US?

Autism is a severe condition and people with autism confront many problems when there are challenges with social skills or having problems communicating with other people.

Providing a basis and platform for seven people with autism, the popular streaming media, Netflix brought a reality television show, Love on the Spectrum which is entirely focused on helping the seven people with autism to form their love connections and relationships. Love on the Spectrum U.S. was released on 18th May 2022.

David is a cast member of Love on the Spectrum. He is currently 26 years old and has immense love for animals. During the set of Love on the Spectrum, David is set along with another cast member, Abbey. Being together, David and Abbey (@hatsbyabbey) spent quality time, and in no time, they developed a strong bond of friendship.

Exploring their friendship, David, as well as Abbey, made it to find out that they both had things in common, and that common thing led them to have a greater sense of communication. On the sixth episode of Love on the Spectrum, it was a Christmas celebration, and at that particular episode, David divulged that he had feelings toward Abbey, and asked her out.

At that same instant, Abbey did realize that she had caught feelings as well and asked David if he was fine with being her boyfriend. As confirmed by the officials, it has been found that David and Abbey are still together even after the end of Love on the Spectrum but not romantically but as friends.

Talking about David’s social life, it is quite astounding to know that David isn’t active on Instagram or any other social media platforms.

Love on the Spectrum US: Are Abbey and David Still Together?

Although the American reality show, Love on the Spectrum is claimed to be a reality show, rumors are spreading on the show being scripted, and all the stuff shown is fabricated.

Even though the show could be fake, it is quite discernible that the love connection between David and Abbey is real. Actually, David and Abbey crossed their paths when David wanted to ask her about Olivia Pope, initiating a conversation at the bar. The conversation goes at a high pace which eventually leads to David and Abbey having sex at Abbey’s place.

Shockingly, Abbey listens to a recording that David had made while she was asleep, and in that recording, David has revealed how much he loved Abbey. Listening to the recording, Abbey feels overwhelmed but later, due to some misunderstanding, David and Abbey part their ways but not exactly.

To be specific, they are still together and have sex but aren’t together as a couple. Thus, presently, David and Abbey are with each other for friends with benefits.

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