Jorge Valdes | Cocaine Cowboys Miami, Netflix, Cartel, Net Worth, Wife, Young, Now

Jorge Valdes

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Jorge Valdes Wiki/Bio, Drug Dealer, Cartel, Drug Lord, Drug Kingpin Jorge Valdes, despite being born in Havana, Cuba, relocated to ...

Marilyn Bonachea | Cocaine Cowboys Miami, Netflix, Age, Net Worth, Son, Child, Birthday, Husband, Now

Marilyn Bonachea

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Marilyn Bonachea Wiki/Bio, Sal Magluta Girlfriend Marilyn Bonachea, although being born in New York to Cuban parents, moved to Miami ...

Peter Rosello | Cocaine Cowboys Miami, Netflix, Dad, Mother, Instagram, Wife, Age, Now, Net Worth

Peter Rosello

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Peter Rosello Wiki/Bio Peter Rosello, best recognized as the older son of The Real Housewives of Miami star Alexia Echevarria, ...

Alexia Echevarria | Cocaine Cowboys, Netflix, Miami, First Husband, Son Accident, Net Worth, Age, Engaged

Alexia Echevarria

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Alexia Echevarria Wiki/Bio; First Husband, Son, Married, Kids Alexia Echevarria had relocated to Miami, Florida, with her family, seeking a ...

Justo Jay | Cocaine Cowboys Miami, Netflix, Wife, Son, Jon Jay, Net Worth, Now, Wikipedia

Justo Jay

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Justo Jay Wiki/Bio Justo Enrique Jay was a vital element of Augusto Willie Falcon and Salvador Sal Magluta‘s cocaine operation ...

Pedro Peggy Rosello | Cocaine Cowboys Miami, Wife, Son, Drugs, Age, Birthday, Net Worth, Now

Pedro Peggy Rosello

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Pedro Peggy Rosello Wiki/Bio Pedro “Peggy” Rosello understood he didn’t want a typical job after witnessing his father work hard ...

Gustavo Taby Falcon | Cocaine Cowboys, Miami, Today, Wife, Gina Rosello, Net Worth, Sentence, Wikipedia

Gustavo Taby Falcon

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Gustavo Taby Falcon Wiki/Bio Gustavo “Taby” Falcon was practically Augusto “Willy” Falcon and Salvador “Sal” Magluta cocaine cartel’s right-hand man. ...

Alina Rossique Falcon | Cocaine Cowboys, Miami, Netflix, Augusto Willie Falcon, Death

Alina Rossique Falcon

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Alina Rossique Falcon Wiki/Bio Alina Rossique Falcon is best known as the wife of drug lord Augusto Willie Falcon. Willy ...

Augusto Willie Falcon | Cocaine Cowboys The Kings of Miami, Wife, Wikipedia, Net Worth, House, Family, Son, Book

Augusto Willie Falcon

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Drug Lord Augusto Willie Falcon Wiki/Bio Two Cuban immigrants, Augusto Willie Falcon and Salvador Sal Magluta (aided by Pedro Peggy Rosello/Alexia ...

Salvador Sal Magluta | Cocaine Boys The Kings of Miami, Netflix, Today, House, Miami Vice, Wife, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Family

Salvador Sal Magluta

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Salvador Sal Magluta Quick Facts Born 1955 Age 66 Zodiac N/A Birth Place Cuba Nationality American Wife Isabel Magluta Girlfriend ...