Dayanne Feitoza and Rodrigo Vaisemberg from ‘Love is Blind: Brazil’ are No Longer Together!

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Dayanne Feitoza and Rodrigo Vaisemberg from 'Love is Blind: Brazil' are No Longer Together!

Dayanne Feitoza and Rodrigo Vaisemberg are no longer together. Fans want to know Love is Blind: Brazil Season 1 cast update. Where are they now?

There’s no denying that the rise of social media and online dating applications has had an impact on how we form relationships today.

However, reality programs have surprisingly become one of the few agents that remind us of the need for mutual understanding and emotional commitment in any form of connection.

The clearest illustration is Love is Blind: Brazil on Netflix, in which strangers converse, fall in love, and get engaged without ever seeing one another.

So, now that the Brazilian edition of this show has been broadcast, how about we find out where Dayanne Feitoza and Rodrigo Vaisemberg are at this present moment in 2021.

Dayanne Feitoza and Rodrigo Vaisemberg from ‘Love is Blind: Brazil’ Have Officially Separated

Dayanne Feitoza and Rodrigo Vaisemberg got off to a fast start on Love is Blind: Brazil, but that shattered the moment their “honeymoon” faded.

Their disparities in neatness were an issue, but more importantly, they lacked any points of agreement while living together.

Rodrigo eventually reached a tipping point when he made negative remarks about their intense sex life to other individuals and then misled about it. Later on, the pair talked, but it wasn’t enough to set things right.

Day and Rodrigo appear to have a great relationship as they are still following each other on Instagram, but they are single.

The people of So Paulo stated that the adventure educated them a lot, and they intend to apply those lessons in real life to live a happy and fulfilling life.

When it comes to their careers, Day is most likely still a bank teller, whereas Rodrigo is a happy and successful financial advisor.

‘Love is Blind: Brazil’ Season 1 Cast Update: Where are They Now?

Unlike Dayanne Feitoza and Rodrigo Vaisemberg who are separated, Carolina Novaes and Hudson Mendes are married. On the other hand, Ana Prado and Shayan Haghbin have parted ways.

Meanwhile, Fernanda Borges and Thiago Rocha aka Nanda and Thiago are in a marital relationship, just as Luana Braga and Lissio Fiod are hitched.

Plus, grab details of the reunion release date!

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