Anna Shay From Bling Empire Ethnicity: Parents’ Nationality, Father & Ethnic Background!

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Anna Shay From Bling Empire Ethnicity: Parents' Nationality, Father & Ethnic Background!

Anna Shay is a cast member of Bling Empire with mixed ethnicity. When it comes to her parents’ nationality and ethnic background, her father Edward Stay is a white American while her mother, Ai Oizumi was part Japanese and part Russian. Bling Empire fans are often keen to check out Anna Shay’s pictures when she was young.

Getting born into a wealthy life is all about fate, and filling the entire life with wealth is something out of the box. Not everyone gets to live a life like that. However, Anna Shay was destined for a wealthy life getting fulfilled all of her anticipations, and buying every other luxurious item. As of now, she is popular with her cast on the American reality show, Bling Empire.

Bling Empire is a Netflix reality show which showcases the lavish lifestyles of Asians and American Asians. The show had its first season released on 15th January 2022 and recently, on 13th May, Bling Empire released its second season but for now, only a single episode has been released so far.

While all the cast members are extremely wealthy, Anna Shay, the oldest member, aged 60, is filled with more wealth than any other participant. Let’s get to know how she got all this money, and find out her ethnicity and parents.

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Bling Empire: Anna Shay’s Ethnic Background, Parents’ Nationality & Father’s Ethnicity!

Bling Empire, an American television reality show, was released on the 13th of May 2022 and is confirmed to have 16 total episodes. More than being a competitive show, Bling Empire is inclined toward depicting the lavish lives of Christine Chiu, Kevin Kreider, Kim Lee, Kelly Mi Li, Kane Lim, Andrew M. Gray, Jaime Xie, Gabriel Chiu, Cherie Chan, Jessy Lee, Andrew Gray, and Anna Shay.

Being the oldest as well as the wealthiest cast member, Anna Shay has risen to prominence, and among all the cast members in Bling Empire, she is one of the renowned individuals. While we got to see self-made personalities on the set of the Bling Empire, there were few individuals who had money and wealth in their fate. Anna Shay belongs to the second category.

Shay’s parents were extremely wealthy and were the owner of a big company, and later, in 2006, Anna and her sibling parted the properties and sold shares worth $1.2 billion. Talking about her parents, Anna’s father is Edward Shay while her mother is Ai Oizumi Shay.

Anna’s ethnicity is mixed as her mother, Ai Oizumi was part-Japanese and part-Russian and her father, Edward was a white American coming from California. Thus, that makes, Anna an Asian American, and her ethnicity is mixed.

Anna (@annashay93) lived in Tokyo until she was eight, and then, moved to Los Angeles, California. Moving to the States was difficult for her as she could hardly see people like her as well as adapting to the new culture was a next-level burden. However, with time, Anna Shay settles there and today, she has been trying her best in being the best representation of Asian communities.

Anna Shay From Bling Empire: Profession and Net Worth!

Anna Shay has been feeding on her parents’ wealth and seems like that’s her major source of income. Apart from that, she has not been involved in any other fields. As per some sources, it has been estimated that Anna Shay’s net worth is around $600 million, and with this money, Shay has been living a luxurious life.

Talking about her relationship and love life, Anna Shay had been married four times, and from one of her past relationships, she even gave birth to a son. Although all of her four relationships didn’t succeed, it has been found that they all ended on good terms but seems like Anna is very low-key, and thus, she hasn’t revealed any of her ex-husbands.

As of today, Anna is probably single but this is just an assumption, and there’s an equal chance that she might be dating someone in private.

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