Kane Lim’s $20 Million Net Worth in 2022: Bling Empire Fans Wonder About Kane Lim’s Parents & Family Net Worth!

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Kane Lim's $20 Million Net Worth in 2022: Bling Empire Fans Wonder About Kane Lim's Parents & Family Net Worth!

Kane Lim is reported to have amassed a whopping net worth of $20 million up till now in 2022. The socialite primarily earns through his business as he is the founder of investment firm Kix Capital. Kane Lim has also likely made money from his Netflix show, Bling Empire. When it comes to the net worth of his parents and family, Kane Lim’s father Kenny Lim Oon Cheng is a billionaire.

Kane Lim is a socialite, online personality, and the founder of investment firm Kix Capital. He rose to prominence in January 2021 after appearing on the Netflix reality show Bling Empire as one of the stars.

The show is based on the lives of a group of exceedingly wealthy Asians in Los Angeles who have been dubbed real-life Crazy Rich Asians. It’s the first American reality show with an all-East Asian cast, including Anna Shay (ethnicity). Netflix renewed the series for a second season on March 10, 2021, which was released on May 13, 2022.

Kane comes from a wealthy family, but he wanted to strike out on his own, so the Singaporean self-made man traveled to the United States in early 2010 and quickly rose to fame.

The 32-year-old is very business-oriented and enjoys keeping his life as secret as possible. However, when he began dating Florent in season one, the busy businessman was seen exploring other facets of himself. Following his appearance on Netflix’s Bling Empire in 2021, the investor’s popularity skyrocketed.

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Kane Lim’s Net Worth is $20 Million in 2022!

Kane Lim (@kanelk_k) is a reality television star, investor, and collector from Singapore. The 31-year-old began investing in stocks at the age of 17 and made his first million at 19. He is said to have a net worth of $20 million.

Even though Kane’s career has only been for a short time, he has appeared to have achieved significant fame, stardom, and fortune. The TV personality’s primary source of income is his successful career as an entrepreneur. The investor became wealthy through hard work and dedication to his career.

It should be mentioned, however, that Kane Lim is said to come from a Singaporean family with billions of dollars thanks to interests in retail malls, commercial real estate, oil, and tankers in Southeast Asia.

Unlike another rich family, Lim chose not to follow his family’s companies. He’d always known that his feminine sense of style would help him realize his dream of becoming a fashion star and an entrepreneur.

Kane Lim’s parents, on the other hand, raised him differently, he recalls. His father requested that he take public transportation to school. Kane said that little things like these, he said, helped him become the self-made businessman he is today.

Two worlds in the Netflix universe have collided at 4115 Palmero Drive in LA’s historic Mount Washington neighborhood. Chrishell Stause (@thechristinequinn) of the reality program Selling Sunset represents the Oppenheim Group, while Kane Lim of the show Bling Empire is the seller.

When it comes to his family’s business, the investor doesn’t want to refer to his father Kenny Lim Oon Cheng as a billionaire. His father is Singapore’s interim top executive. Kenny also has a brother, Singaporean Hin Leong Trading (HIT) founder Lim Oon Kuin. According to Dim Sum Daily, Lim’s family’s income is unknown because he prefers to keep his personal life private.

Kane’s passion for high-end footwear eventually paid off. His shoe collection is estimated to be worth $300,000. He is said to own more than 300 pairs of designer shoes. The investor also enjoys jewelry and can be seen wearing some of the world’s most expensive collections.

The entrepreneur now runs an investment fund and is a real estate developer in Los Angeles. Today, Kane is putting his money into real estate in Los Angeles to grow his family’s company westward.

Lim now leads hospitality, wellness, and renewable energy investment fund in Los Angeles. He is a director of K-ix Capital, according to his LinkedIn page. The corporation is in charge of all investible products, such as stocks and real estate. It also acts as a commercial deal maker and broker for clients.

Lim is currently involved in the fashion industry as well as commercial real estate. That’s only reasonable given his family owns numerous properties in his own country. He announced on his Instagram page in September that he was selling houses in Los Angeles. For instance, Zillow listed a property for approximately $2.7 million, which has a huge contribution to his net worth.

Commercial deals, agreements, and appearances at events are her sources of income, which have made a huge contribution to Kane’s net worth. The 32-year-old has amassed a substantial net worth through brand endorsements, commercial deals, and agreements.

No doubt, the real estate developer, Kane Lim makes millions of money, and his net worth is more than sufficient for him to live a lavish life.

Kane Lim has amassed a sizable net worth as a result of his career. Furthermore, the entrepreneur owns branded automobiles with favorable insurance plans. Smart financial investments, huge property holdings, and lucrative endorsement deals have all contributed to the investor’s success. As a result, Kane lives a luxurious life.

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