Does Anna Shay Have a Disability? Bling Empire Fans Wonder if Anna Shay Is on Something!

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Does Anna Shay Have a Disability? Bling Empire Fans Wonder if Anna Shay Is on Something!

Anna Shay is the wealthiest cast member on Bling Empire. People are curious to know if Anna Shay has any kind of disability or if she is on something.

Gatherings and parties are what everyone craves, and showcasing the party fun lives of Asians and Asian Americans, a new Netflix production, Bling Empire premiered on 13th May 2022. Typically, all the wealthy Asians and Asian Americans flaunt their money and live a life that everyone wishes to get.

Filled with drama, arguments, internal conflicts, and a way of exploring the ways for relationships, Bling Empire is quite fascinating and has been making a huge amount of profit.

The cast members of Bling Empire are, Christine Chiu, Kevin Kreider, Kim Lee, Kelly Mi Li, Kane Lim, Andrew M. Gray, Jaime Xie, Gabriel Chiu, Cherie Chan, Jessey Lee, Dorothy Wang, and Anna Shay.

Among all the cast members, Anna Shay is the oldest as well the richest participant of the Bling Empire. Rumors are spreading about if Anna Shay has been surrounded by any kind of disability or is she on something like drugs or any intoxicating product.

Does Anna Shay From Bling Empire Have a Disability?

Refreshments help us to get away from our tedious lifestyles but when you are living a lavish life, you can have refreshments any time and anywhere. Thus, this new season of Bling Empire which got released on 13th May 2022 will be entirely focused on the party lives, and entertainment while popular Asians and Asian Americans stay in Los Angeles, California.

Aged 60, the renowned cast member of Bling Empire, Anna Shay (@annashay93) is deemed to be one of the wealthiest cast members in the show. Being rich is all good until people started pouring myriads of questions about how much money she makes, and what’s her source of income. Unlike the self-made participants in Bling Empire, Anna Shay didn’t the money herself, rather it is her parents’ hard-earned money.

The half-Japenese and half Russian, Anna Shay is the daughter of Edward Shay and Ai Oizumi Shay. eShe is extremely rich that after signing up for the first season of Bling Empire, Anna admitted to not having any cash from Netflix as she had no idea what to do with the money. As per some sources. her net worth is estimated to be around $600 million.

Actually, Anna’s father, Edward is the late billionaire founder of a defense contracting firm, Pacific Architects and Engineers, and by selling bombs, and nuclear weapons, he made a hella amount of money, and after his death, Anna inherited his property and money.

Recently, a scandal has been hovering around Anna regarding her disability. Looking at her physical appearance, people have claimed that Anna is likely to have some kind of physical disability and some even have assumed that Anna is likely on something, something that could be linked to intoxicating products or drugs.

However, Anna has never mentioned having any kind of disability but that doesn’t mean we can conclude about it. So for now, things are likely in between, and we cannot confirm anything on her disability.

What is Anna Shay Doing Now?

The 60-year-old Anna Shay is originally from Japan, and as of today, she has been residing in Los Angeles, California. Talking about her relationships, and love life, Anna Shay has been married four times, and from her past relationships, Shay has a 29-year-old son.

Although Anna had been in four relationships, she never disclosed any of her ex-husbands. As of today, she is possibly single and filing her life with wealth, Anna has been living a lavish life, and for her, money really doesn’t matter, and she is fed up with managing her income.

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