Chef Amaury Guichon from School of Chocolate Netflix: Wikipedia, Age, Wife, Net Worth Explored!

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Chef Amaury Guichon from School of Chocolate Netflix: Wikipedia, Age, Wife, Net Worth Explored!

Chef Amaury Guichon from School of Chocolate Netflix is married to his wife Fiona Guichon. His net worth is estimated at over $5 million. Fans often seek Amaury Guichon’s Wikipedia. He is 30 years old in 2021.

Netflix viewers should brace themselves for amazement as a brand new competitive show, School of Chocolate, arrives on the streaming site on November 26.

The show involves eight competing participants (notably Mellisa Root, Tyricia Clark, Juan Gutierrez, Cedrick Simpson, and Thiago Silva), each of whom has a chance to win $100,000.

Furthermore, they will be able to learn from the greatest in the business, since Amaury Guichon is the program’s master confectioner and pastry wizard.

He’s the man whose astonishing chocolate masterpieces have gone viral, and he’s traveled the world with his talents. So, let’s learn more about the reality star, including his age, wife, and net worth.

School of Chocolate Netflix: Fans Seek Chef Amaury Guichon’s Age & Wikipedia!

Amaury Guichon was born on 15th March 15, 1991. As for his age, he turned 30 in 2021. He was born in Geneva, Switzerland as a Pisces, but relocated to France in 2005.

The chef later returned to Switzerland, then went to Paris, and finally to Cannes. His profession has taken him all around the world, conducting seminars.

Despite fans’ curiosity, the pastry chef does not have a Wikipedia page yet!

Chef Amaury Guichon’s Married Life with His Wife Fiona Guichon

Amaury Guichon is married to his wife Fiona Guichon. According to Fiona’s Instagram age, she is not just his wife, but his manager, too.

Moreover, Fiona is the Amaury Guichon Pastry Academy’s Director of International Operations. Amaury’s wife comes from Canada, and she owns the Imperial Tattoo Connexion in Montreal, Quebec.

Amaury Guichon’s Net Worth: How Rich is the School of Chocolate Star on Netflix?

Amaury Guichon‘s net worth is estimated to be between $5 million and $9 million. The 10% fee for Amaury’s Pastry Academy‘s 10-week 400-hour immersion program charges $2,000.

The Netflix alum has also specialized in the pastry business for nearly two decades, which has undoubtedly garnered him a sizable net worth.

Amaury is presently situated in Las Vegas, where Wolfgang Puck and Gordon Ramsay operate their restaurants.

The chocolatier is well-known around the world, and his clips have gone viral on the internet numerous times.

He has 4.3 million Instagram followers, over 78,000 TikTok followers, and more than 920,000 views. Amaury also has more than 200,000 YouTube subscribers.

School of Chocolate Season 1, filmed in Los Angeles, California, is currently available on Netflix.

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