Tyricia from School of Chocolate: Is the Netflix Contestant on Instagram?

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Tyricia from School of Chocolate: Is the Netflix Contestant on Instagram?

Tyricia Clark from School of Chocolate is a cast member and one of the contestants in the Netflix show. Find chef Tyricia on Instagram.

Have you ever witnessed a reality show where there is just one winner and no losers at all? To put it another way, no one is ousted throughout the season. Doesn’t that sound a little dull?

So, what if the contest was to create edible chocolate figurines? Is that going to make it more exciting? With School Of Chocolate, Netflix definitely finds out that this format does indeed work.

In addition to the notable cast members, mainly Amaury Guichon, Juan Gutierrez, Cedrick Simpson, Mellisa Root, and Thiago Silva, Tyricia Clark‘s journey is one that definitely kept us intrigued in this engrossing reality competition series. So, without further ado, let’s get to know her a bit better.

Tyricia from School of Chocolate is Available on Instagram!

Tyricia is a skilled pastry chef who owns T Cakes, a dessert shop. The professional from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, creates pastries, cakes, and candies. She also teaches workshops and provides consultations to clients!

The Netflix reality star is currently seeking her next adventure after working as a pastry chef at Sheraton Hotels & Resorts till September 2020.

Prior to that, the School of Chocolate cast was employed as a pastry chef de Partie for the Hilton for over three years from October 2015 until November 2018.

When it comes to social media, Tyricia Clark is indeed on Instagram as @daynjer_, where she has over 3k followers.

Tyricia Clark Now: What is the Netflix Alum Doing Today?

Clark has clearly made great strides, having gone through Louisiana Culinary Institute for a vocation and served as a sous chef before entering into the field of pastry.

After all, the Louisiana native operates as a consultant and lecturer in addition to being a pastry chef with her own dessert store, T Cakes.

She excels in everything from cakes to cookies to pies to chocolates.

Filmed in Los Angeles, California, School of Chocolate premiered on Netflix on 26th November 2021.

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