Where is Love on the Spectrum Filmed? Complete Filming Location Explored!

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Where is Love on the Spectrum Filmed? Complete Filming Location Explored!

Check out the complete details of the Love on the Spectrum filming location. The Netflix show is filmed in Australia. Find out what town Love on the Spectrum is located in.

Netflix reality series Love On The Spectrum has won over fans’ hearts with its sensitive representation of what romance is like for people on the autistic spectrum.

The docuseries follows the love and dating lives of several cast members who are either in relationships or yearning for love (check out the similar shows here).

Where is Netflix’s Love on the Spectrum Filmed?

As far as the filming location is concerned, this fascinating docuseries Love on the Spectrum was filmed in Australia, albeit the precise town is undisclosed.

Director Cian O’Clery previously opened up about the experience of making the show. Prior to production, he said the crew had made contact with a number of autism organizations across the country.

In an interview with Fast Company, he said:

We were kind of like a support for them in that they weren’t stepping out into that world on their own.

He added:

Psychologists who work with people on the spectrum also spoke to me about this and said that us being there could actually be an advantage in that we are helping them to take the first step into this world that is so daunting.

Love on the Spectrum season 2 premieres on Netflix on 21st September 2021.

Update: The show is confirmed to be filmed in New South Wales, Australia.

What is Love on the Spectrum About on Netflix?

In the debut season of Love on the Spectrum, 11 autistic people shared their love stories.

Creator and director Cian O’Clery talked about why he decided to make the show and how he hoped it would help educate people on the subject of autism.

Cian told The Wrap,

The number one thing I hope people will get from the series is that they’ll understand more about autism.

By using the lens of love and romance, they’re presenting autistic stories. But in reality, it’s about knowing and understanding these people and recognizing the complexity of autism, as well as how everybody is so distinct. It’s something you can’t just assume.

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