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Tonya Hughes’ Real Name: Is It Sharon Marshall or Tonya Tadlock or Suzanne Marie Sevakis? How Is She Related to Franklin Floyd?

Jul 12, 2022 @ 4:30 EDT
Tonya Hughes’ Real Name: Is It Sharon Marshall or Tonya Tadlock or Suzanne Marie Sevakis? How Is She Related to Franklin Floyd?

Tonya Hughes' real name has been a hot topic as she had several names from the time of her birth to her death. Netflix's Girl in the Picture reveals that her real name was Suzanne Marie Sevakis. However, Franklin Floyd gave her multiple identities like Sharon Marshall, Tonya Tadlock, and Tonya Hughes. As Floyd confessed that he killed Tonya's son, Michael Anthony Hughes, he is currently in prison. Follow the article to know more about Tonya/Sharon/Suzanne and the Netflix documentary.

A true-crime documentary movie titled Girl in the Picture was made available on Netflix on July 6, 2022. The documentary is based on the best-selling books A Beautiful Child and Finding Sharon, both written by renowned investigative journalist Matt Birkbeck. The documentary looks into the effort to uncover the 30-year-old mystery of Tonya Hughes' identity and how she came to be associated with a wanted man who later killed her.

It is directed by Abducted in Plain Sight's award-winning director Skye Borgman, while Matt Birkbeck acts as the movie's executive producer. It runs for around 1 hour and 42 minutes. Netflix has also released a five-part audio miniseries on Apple Podcast, which includes additional information and interviews not shown in the documentary.

As we go deep into the movie, we discover many hidden facts. Similarly, we find out the original names of people totally different. Yes, Tonya Hughes is also not really Tonya. She has a different name. So, what is her real name? Let's find it out right below.

Previously, we touched on Suzanne's children and Megan Dufresne's biological father.

What Is Tonya Hughes’ Real Name? Sharon Marshall or Tonya Tadlock or Suzanne Marie Sevakis? Did Franklin Floyd Kill Her?

According to the documentary, Tonya was hit by a hit-and-run driver in Oklahoma City in 1990 and passed away from her injuries five days later. She was going by Tonya Hughes at the time.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Floyd, who at the time went by the name Clarence Hughes, claimed that he had been waiting for her back at a motel. The 'Clarence Hughes' the police were looking for turned out to be Franklin Delano Floyd, a wanted man. According to The Daily Beast, her former classmates actually recognized Tonya as Sharon Marshall and Clarence as her father, Floyd.

Tonya Hughes is Franklin Delano Floyd's kidnapped daughter-turned-wife. According to the FBI, she was born in Michigan on September 6, 1969. She went by the name Sharon Marshall while growing up in Atlanta. The Tampa Bay Times said that she was well-liked and talented academically. Teachers remember Sharon as a popular teen who did well in school, the newspaper stated.

According to a friend named Jennifer Tanner, Tonya Hughes also had an odd relationship with her father. Floyd was obsessed with her, took several photos of her, and frequently talked about how beautiful she was. He also used to buy her lingerie.

According to the newspaper, Tonya eventually received a scholarship at Georgia Tech, but she unexpectedly fell pregnant and left to live with her boyfriend in Alabama. However, when the boyfriend awoke one morning, Tonya had left him a note saying her father had kidnapped her. Tonya began working at a strip club and finally gave birth to a boy named Michael Anthony Hughes. There, she met Cheryl Ann Commesso, who Floyd would later murder.

Tonya used a number of identities, several of which Floyd seems to have given, including Tonya Dawn Tadlock, which was the identity that appeared in death reports. However, the FBI reported that Suzanne Marie Sevakis was actually her real name, the one she was given by her biological parents.

Suzanne Marie Sevakis was the daughter of Sandi Chipman and Cliff Sevakis. She also had a younger brother named Phillip, also known as Stevie, as well as two sisters named Alison and Amy. After Sandi suffered significant losses in a tornado in the 1970s, Floyd met her at church and promised to marry her and support her family.

Floyd used the identity of Brandon Williams at the time. In 1975, Chipman found her kids and Williams gone after being given a 30-day prison sentence for writing a bad check to buy diapers.

Although Floyd admitted to killing Michael, the FBI reports that he has not admitted to killing Sharon, whose death is still a mystery.

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