Megan Dufresne’s Biological Father: Is She the Daughter of Suzanne Marie Sevakis and Franklin Delano Floyd? Girl in the Picture & Reddit Update!

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Megan Dufresne’s Biological Father: Is She the Daughter of Suzanne Marie Sevakis and Franklin Delano Floyd? Girl in the Picture & Reddit Update!

Many Reddit users wonder if Franklin Delano Floyd is Megan Dufresne’s biological father after watching Girl in the Picture on Netflix. Megan was the third child of Suzanne Marie Sevakis aka Tonya Hughes aka Sharon Marshall and the youngest among her siblings. It’s clear that Megan Dufresne is the daughter of Suzanne, however, her biological father is still unknown. 

Girl in the Picture on Netflix starts with Tonya Hughes‘ passing away while her husband Clarence was in the hospital. Later, it is revealed to the audience that those weren’t their real names and that Clarence (Franklin Delano Floyd) may have raised Tonya as his child from an early age.

This captivating documentary, which explores the abduction mystery of a 12-year-old kid, was made by the same director, Skye Borgman, who also made Abducted in Plain Sight. Interviews with a variety of those connected to the case are featured in the documentary. The documentary reveals the pieces of the puzzle that have puzzled the investigators for many years. It still leaves certain questions unsolved.

Suzanne Marie Sevakis/Tonya Hughes/Sharon Marshall reportedly also had a daughter named Megan Dufresne as her final child in addition to Michael Hughes. Mary and Dean Dufresne adopted Megan when she was put up for adoption in 1989.

Megan found out about her mother after a book about Sharon Marshall‘s mystery was published, and Megan ended up participating in the documentary. Similarly, many Reddit users wonder about Megan Dufresne’s biological father. Well, here is the truth.

Reddit: Who Was Megan Dufresne’s Biological Father? Is She the Daughter of Suzanne Marie Sevakis and Frankling Delano Floyd? Girl in the Picture Update!

Tonya Hughes was initially recognized as the dead after her death in 1990, which was allegedly caused by a hit-and-run. She had previously used the name Sharon Marshall in another state, according to further examination. Later, we find out that her real name was Suzanne Marie Sevakis.

According to the Independent, Suzanne was pregnant three times throughout her life, but only two of her children; Michael Anthony Hughes and Megan Dufresne are well-known today.

The third child of Suzanne was born in 1989 and was named Megan Dufresne. Michael was the second child the mother had at the time; she had previously placed the firstborn for adoption. Megan was adopted by Mary and Dean Joseph Dufresne, but she was unaware of her biological mother until much later. In the movie, Megan discussed how she could notice similarities in her mother’s childhood pictures when she compared them to her own and Michael’s.

The identity and history of her biological father are still unknown. Because they abandoned their family and decided to place their children for adoption, there is a strong likelihood that Franklin Delano Floyd is her father.

Additionally, there are no indications that Suzanne was dating anybody other than Floyd. She did, however, alter her identity twice. As mentioned earlier, her adopted father’s name is Dean Dufresne. However, Megan has never made any attempts to discuss her biological father in public and there is no information about him.

Megan was adopted and raised in a loving and safe environment, free from Floyd’s abusive influence. She was informed that her mother had passed away in a car accident, but it wasn’t until 2004, after the release of Matt Birkbeck‘s book A Beautiful Child, that she discovered more about her biological mother.

Megan Dufresne has made it her mission to turn her heartbreaking story into a source of wonderful encouragement for those who are in her position. Additionally, she has experience as a well-liked admissions specialist at Southeastern Louisiana University. She also served as an adapted physical education teacher at Jefferson Parish Public School from February to May 2017.

With her husband Jacob Dufreche, Megan currently lives in Ponchatoula, Louisiana, at the moment. They have two children, one of whom is named Michael in honor of her brother.

In the documentary, Megan Dufresne discussed attempting to make sense of everything that was happening to her because she was certain that someone else would benefit from her experience. She holds a master’s degree in kinesiology and exercise science and has been working with Covington and Sports Medical Clinic LLC as a research coordinator.

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